Weltbet and Rolletto.com Complaints: Do They Have Merit?

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"Just a heads up for anyone thinking of promoting Weltbet or Rolletto.com - Don't," warns Head of Operations at Traffic Label Limited, Phil Blackwell, via his LinkedIn Page.


Blackwell's complaints are directed at the twin companies linked affiliate programs.

"Both companies owe us affiliate commission dating back to the beginning of the year. They've since refused to pay and gone silent.  Save your time and stress. Send your players elsewhere."

Mr. Blackwell does appear to have a near impecible reputation within the online gambling sector.  He's written extensively about gambling addiction concerns transparency issues, as well as the regulation and tax changes sweeping through the UK industry.

Blackwell is regularly promoted by iGamingBusiness, an organization that Weltbet certainly admires as they appeared at the IGBLIVE Amsterdam this past July.

Other affiliate watchdogs appear to support Blackwell's assertions.

Casino Guru claims that a player's attempt to self-exclude himself from gambling was overlooked by Weltbet and they have rated the company "Very Bad Reputation".  Casino How To also has the company blacklisted.

Gambling911.com cannot independently confirm either of these websites claims, however, there is one site that does stand out.

The highly regarded casino affiliate review site ThePogg also gives Weltbet a "Not Recommended" allocation.

Its reasoning is more explicit.

– Non-cooperative with the management of player complaints.

– Withdrawals take over 24 hours.

– Email support takes longer than average to respond.

– No effective regulation. Licensed in name only.

– Low value registration incentives.

ThePogg also pointed to a casino player complaint they were unable to resolve.

"I had a payout of 5000 euros... I tried to log in and it didn't work! It said User does not exist! Tried to write with live chat! They told me try recovering the password. Standing there doesn't work! I took screenshots, everything is there. It wouldn't work because the support team changed my email! That's why I couldn't login or recover my password! In the chat they said wait until tomorrow morning! That was 12:50 a.m.! At eight o'clock I was able to recover my password with a bang! And I see that my last withdrawal was declined. And all the money was gambled away in the casino! With bets of 1000 2000 3000. I don't know what exactly was bet on!!! I don't really know about online casinos! In the chat they say, the team claim I changed everything myself! Wrote to chat where all my money was wasted. With a rejected payment it is 12780 euros! No one knows why it was rejected! Support@weltbet.com obviously ignores me. There is a phone number on their website! Which of course doesn't belong to them!!! That's not fair ! Man must be able to do something!"

This same complaint appeared on the AskGamblers website.

And while Weltbet might be able to provide some rational explanation for what transpired for this particular player, they apparently opted not to address it.

"Despite our repeated efforts to contact Weltbet to discuss this issue we have received no relevant response from the operator," ThePogg offered.

Weltbet hasn't always been unresponsive.  Last year, a Weltbet co-founder went out of his way to blast an affiliate claiming they were offered an exclusivity deal with Weltbet and that company later allegedly refused to pay the commission due to their "standard rules”.

SlotCatalog issued the complaint:

"We are pro-fair play and against any kind of scam. The SlotCatalog team wants to see the iGaming industry being transparent and trustworthy. Words of honor are dear to us."

Weltbet co-founder Demir Demirkesen issued this response to SlotCatalog:

"Dear affiliate. Let us overview the issue from our side to show real picture of what was happenning. You registered in our affiliate program for 1 year ago and was sending us traffic with only 1ftd during this time. Once you contacted us for the commission to be paid we showed you the conditions of our affiliate program: For partner commission for the period to be paid there should be minimum 5ftd/monthly from the traffic. The traffic was increased and we were ready to pay commission for this period. But you decided that we have to pay all commission for all the time (to go over our terms and conditions) and with maximum negativity - you use some words like stealers, cheaters and etc. We are open for all the negotiations but all the partnership should be build on mutual trust and respect and should be win-win for both side but with following some rules (points). Your treat in Linkedin is a slander about Weltbet."

That rep added: "Weltbet is working with many affiliates and we do have settled and profitable for both sides relations. We are still ready to move forward and we are ready to pay you the commission for the period which is valid with all our nessesary conditions. You stop our collaboration, you stop all the chats - we cant even proceed any payment without dialog. My offer - return to the table of discussion and let's get into the solution which will work for both sides."

Perhaps the most damning of all complaints surfaced on the esteemed Affiliate Guard Dog website.  It cautioned members that Weltbet was "Moving to Predatory" and went onto explain why.

Due to these terms:

weltbet will pay out a commissions, as defined by weltbet Affiliate Programme commission structure, provided that you maintain in your account as an affiliate, at least five (5) different Active Wagering Members in any given calendar month.

In cases where there are no new active wagering members within a 6 (six) months period, your account will be terminated at our sole discretion, and all commissions generated during those months will be revoked.

4. Commissionable Earnings are calculated as weltbet profit, less charge-back, complimentary money, free money offers and other incentives offered to the customer, derived from at least five (5) active wagering members in a calendar month

5. Should you fail to be entitled to the Commissionable Earnings in accordance with Clauses 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 above for failure to maintain at least five (5) Active Wagering Members in a given month, you may be given (at weltbet's sole discretion) a grace period of two (2) months within which to comply. Upon compliance, your commission for the subject period not exceeding three (3) consecutive months will be consolidated to constitute your commissionable earnings for the same period. (at weltbet's sole discretion)

6. Commissionable earnings will be subject to commissions as calculated using the weltbet Affiliate Programme commission structure in force from time to time.

Aussie Dave wrote in response:

"What a load of bollocks... Time to start kicking these crooks and those who want to act like this, into the doghouse, because that's exactly where dodgy (wayward) affiliate programs belong."

Other affiliates continue to promote Weltbet.  WhichCasino, as an example, currently features a glowing review.  Weltbet also maintains an active Twitter account.

Additionally, the online casino and sportsbook has managed to avoid being placed in the dreaded CasinoMeister Rogue Pit.  This gaming watchdog site was among the first on the Net.

Gambling911.com's Thomas Somach has attempted to reach out to representatives from the company.  Should we hear back, we will provide their response to all of these claims.

- B.E. Delmer, Gambling911.com

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