Website Accuses Poker Pro Gordon Vayo of Forging Documents

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:

The world's largest online poker company, PokerStars, alleges that poker pro Gordon Vayo forged documents.

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Vayo has since dropped his lawsuit against the company after they refused to pay him $700,000.  Stars claims that Vayo violated their terms by playing from the United States.

PokerStars alleged he used a mobile internet provider to help disguise his location. 

The company has since stated that Vayo fabricated Bell Canada Internet bills in order to make it appear as if he was living in Canada.

In the court filings, Stars notes: “Indeed, this one instance of the Account Number does not match the Account Number listed elsewhere on Vayo’s bills – even elsewhere on the same bill – but it does match his customer number. The only explanation is that the Forger forgot to alter this portion of Vayo’s bill, and thus accidentally left the original, unaltered Account Number.”

Pokerstars is now seeking to recover legal expenses from Vayo.

“Courts have the inherent power to sanction parties and attorneys who conduct litigation in bad faith or who perpetrate fraud on the court.”

- Ace King,