Virtual Reality Will Take Online Casinos By Storm

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The casino industry, just like every other industry, has been increasing in weight and strength in all angles. This is mainly thanks to the technology that has pervaded the iGaming scene with several improvements. In effect, players have had to enjoy most of these developments, which offer them enough value for their money. One of such palpable technological advancements in the industry is the virtual reality.

Virtual reality is a technology that offers semi-realistic experiences that get the brain sufficiently deepened in its activity. Virtual reality stands out in form and content because it provides an experience similar and almost inseparable from what you get in reality. Thus, virtual reality assists people to navigate an artificial environment so smoothly with a real-life representation of it. You can find lots of virtual reality casinos and sign up bonuses at handpickedcasinos.com.

Since its inception, virtual reality has been deployed in many sectors, with satisfactory results that justify its use. Such industries enjoying this technology include cinemas, iGaming, medical practice and operations, architecture and designs, engineering and construction, fine arts, education, and others. With visual and auditory patterns, virtual reality gives you reality peculiar to your cravings, as the case may be.

How Big is Virtual Reality Currently?

Virtual reality is changing the way the iGaming industry and causing a gradual shift from typical online casinos. Some high rollers are already aligning their preferences around virtual reality gaming, even though they have played typical casino games for years prior. This isn't surprising as nothing really beats the fun, thrill, and unprecedented sensation that players get from playing virtual reality games. There have been a number of forecasts into how big virtual reality will be in the soonest future.

One such forecast is the report by Juniper, which estimates that by 2021, the virtual reality industry would be worth over 50 billion dollars. According to the research entity, the exponential rise will be partly due to hardware revenues realized from virtual accessories, such as headsets and 3D cameras. Another report also estimates that the industry would have grown by 800% by 2021, with high competitions between casinos and between players. These forecasts go well to show virtual reality casinos are metamorphosing into something monumental and significantly lucrative for operators and players, alike.

Current Virtual Reality Games


SlotsMillion is the first virtual reality casino that is played with real money and on which real money can be won. SlotsMillion is a phenomenal casino operator that has up to 2,500 titles in its portfolio. Owing to its track record in the industry, SlotsMillion launched virtual reality casino in 2017, after having witnessed the use of the technology in video games. The SlotsMillion Virtual reality casino is powered by almost 50 slot games only (for now) played in an awesome game room.

SlotsMillion uses an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to bring the scintillating casino experience to virtual players. So, players have to register by using an available avatar to represent themselves in the game room, with which they begin playing as well. The SlotsMillion virtual reality casino has slot machines that players have to play at, whilst surrounded by a lounge where they can order food and drinks. With the SlotsMillion casino, it is believed that other casino operators will join the virtual reality trend in the most foreseeable future.

Casino VR Poker

Casino VR Poker is a virtual reality casino that is only for poker games of several kinds. Here, the casino offers an entertainment style of virtual reality gaming to players by providing them free chips to play at the poker tables. Players participate using their avatars and the virtual headset provided by the casino. Casino VR Poker is available to be played on either the Oculus Rift headset or the Gear VR.

While playing VR Poker, a dashboard infused in the gameplay is available, and players can watch, monitor and predict hands and moves by other players. Just like playing at a real poker table, players refine and fine-tune their gameplay to win more often at Casino VR Poker.

Why Virtual Reality is Taking Over

Virtual reality is reshaping the paradigm of casino gaming, and this is expected to be much more intense in the nearest future. This is because, other than math-programmed games that offer graphical gameplay, players would instead settle for near-reality gameplay. This suffices to say that players are moving to what seems so much like reality, presented to the senses in an acceptable and pleasing style as virtual reality.

This presupposes a situation whereby all existing casinos will have virtual reality versions of most of the games on their portfolios. Therefore, the time to fully explore and go virtual with your gaming is now!   

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