Value Marketing is the Biggest Affiliate Site in Norway - How Did They Do It?

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Affiliate marketing in the iGaming business has been an increasingly popular way to get involved in the industry. In fact, more and more companies get involved with affiliate marketing, and it is no wonder. After all, the iGaming market is ever-growing and therein lies a lot of potential. However, as the affiliate marketing business is somewhat competitive, it can be hard to climb to the top of the market.

Value Marketing, however, has done it. This multinational iGaming affiliate company has two major brands, CasinoTopp.net and CasinoTop.com, has managed to fight their way to become the highest-ranking casino affiliate site in Norway.

The journey was not straightforward nor easy

Though Value Marketing is at the top of the iGaming market today, the journey up to the top of the hill was not easy nor straightforward. In fact, Value Marketing did not operate on the iGaming market at all in the beginning: instead, it conducted business in the face-to-face marketing field.

I soon realized that though I liked face-to-face sales, it was not a passion of mine. Also, as an avid poker player myself, I was interested in the possibilities that the iGaming market could offer, Reza Shojaei (the founder of Value Marketing) reveals.

Later on, in 2017, Value Marketing changed its direction and started to look into the possibilities that online casinos and affiliate marketing could offer. The company created two big brands under its umbrella: CasinoTopp.net and CasinoTop.com. The goal of CasinoTopp.net was to cover the Norwegian and Swedish markets, whereas the latter was aimed to handle other markets.

We started working on CasinoTopp.net first and we focused our efforts on making our casino affiliate site as good as possible. We hired a dedicated team of professionals who were just as passionate about gambling as me, and we came up with a plan to become the highest-ranking site on the Norwegian market, Shojaei explains.

Becoming the highest-ranking site was not a fast nor an easy journey. Competing against many other big and well-known sites was time consuming, and it required a ton of attention to detail. While it took a lot of hard work and long days, it all paid off as CasinoTopp.net started ranking higher and higher. Eventually, it reached the number one spot.

Our team worked diligently, creating a comprehensive site with a lot of resources. We paid attention to every little detail and improved the site constantly. Although we are now number one, we should not take it for granted, which is why we keep on working and keep on improving, Shojaei tells.

The Norwegian market had a problem Value Marketing was ready to solve

Though most countries in Europe have already opened their gambling markets and they even offer casino licenses of their own, Norway is not one of them. Still, Norway allows online casino gambling for its residents, though online casinos are not allowed to locate to Norway.

The lack of tight regulations (for instance, when compared to the Swedish market) causes a problem with trustworthiness: players might not always know which online casinos are reliable and where they should play.

This was a bit of a problem for many players. Especially players who are only starting out might not know what to look for and how to recognize a reliable casino, Shojaei says.

So, the purpose of CasinoTopp.net was to offer players unbiased and reliable resources, articles, guides, news, and reviews that can help them to navigate the already confusing iGaming market. By recommending only trustworthy and safe online casinos, CasinoTopp.net quickly became the site that players trusted and went for information.

The goal was to only recommend casino sites that we ourselves would sign up for as well. Ultimately, by being unbiased and only reviewing good casinos, there are benefits for everyone. Players sign up, enjoy their experience, and return to the site again and again, Shojaei says.

By genuinely helping Norwegian players and bringing value to the readers with every review and article, CasinoTopp.net managed to solve a big issue that used to cast a shadow over the Norwegian iGaming market: uncertainty. Now, players or aspiring players can find reliable casino reviews and free resources and tools on the site that is updated regularly.

In addition to the ever-growing Norwegian market, CasinoTopp.net has also started taking over the Swedish market. The aim is to be the highest ranking casino affiliate site also in the Swedish gaming market and to offer the Swedes the same treatment as the Norwegians are enjoying at the moment.

What about the other markets?

Value Marketing is nothing short of ambitious. In fact, one of their goals is to become a big, trusted online gaming network that covers all the major markets globally. In addition to the Norwegian and Swedish markets, Value Marketing covers eleven other markets under CasinoTop.com.

At the moment, we also cover Finland, Canada, India, Germany, Spain, Japan, Denmark, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Thailand. The goal is the same for each market: to rank the highest and to be the most reliable go-to site for casino players, Shojaei says.

In order to achieve this, Value Marketing is working daily with skilled professionals from each country. As gambling regulations are different in each country and area, it is important that the company stays on point about current trends and evolving rules and regulations.

Our team of dedicated, skilled professionals are also passionate about casino games and the iGaming market in general, which is why it is seamless to work with such a big team. They all know what we expect, and they deliver day in and day out, Shojaei says.

Though CasinoTop.com is not yet the top-ranking site the same way as CasinoTopp.net is, the journey is the same and so is the destination. Value Market is committed to making it to the top on all the other markets as well.

Some of the other eleven markets are already regulated, and they offer gaming licenses to casinos. For instance, Spain, Denmark, and the United Kingdom all offer gaming licenses and regulate their online gaming markets.

As for these markets, we review and recommend only casinos that are allowed to offer games in the country in question. Additionally, we write casino guides, articles, news, and offer other free resources and tools that are specific to the country, Shojaei explains.

On the other hand, there are countries such as Finland, that operate in the grey area like Norway. The online gaming is not as regulated, which can create uncertainty among the players, and the purpose of CasinoTop.com is to make the market a little bit more reliable and easier to navigate.

Evidently, the goal is to take over the iGaming market country by country. Shojaei and Value Marketing want to achieve this by networking and creating connections with people and companies that have the same priorities and values. Shojaei uses a lot of time in creating collaborations and networking among big businesses. In the beginning of 2020, for instance, Shojaei and his team attended the ICE London conference to keep up with new updates and to connect with likeminded people.

What does the future of iGaming look like?

Since the mid-90’s, the iGaming market has been growing steadily. After the very first online casino was launched, it only took a year to see hundreds of new casinos opening. Though the pace might have slowed down a little since then, there are new casinos opening every month, new games being released, and more and more innovative inventions brought to market.

Frankly, the future of iGaming seems bright and promising. Though there has been talk about oversaturation of the market, this problem takes care of itself naturally. As online casinos compete for players, they are forced to become better on every aspect.

Thus, casino sites that are not serious, or that are not paying attention to details that matter most to the players, will eventually not get enough business and will be forced out of the market. The good news about this is that players have even more high-quality online casino sites to choose from.

As the market expands and brings new possibilities to the table constantly, affiliate sites (such as Value Marketing) should keep up with the ever-changing trends and times.

It is important to keep up with the trends, news, and new ideas. At the end of the day, if you want to stay on top, you have to keep being the best, Shojaei says.

In conclusion, Value Marketing has done something remarkable in a short amount of time, while providing players with valuable tools. Though a wonderful start, taking over Norway as the highest-ranking casino affiliate site, it is only a start for Value Marketing. In the future, CasinoTop.com will be taking on even more casino markets on their quest to conquer the iGaming world.

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