Updated NBA Trade Odds - August 2, 2021

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C Costigan
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The NBA free agency period begins today, Monday August 2, 2021, but before we dive into that group of players and their potential landing spots (coming tomorrow), let's take a look at updated trade odds for a trio of All-Stars…Ben Simmons, Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard.


Coming off their first playoff appearance in years and armed with massive cap space, the Knicks are at the top of two lists.

Ben Simmons next team

Portland Trail Blazers              +150                3/2

Toronto Raptors                     +250                5/2

Golden State Warriors            +300                3/1

San Antonio Spurs                  +500                5/1

Indiana Pacers                        +600                6/1

Utah Jazz                                 +650                13/2

Washington Wizards              +700                7/1

Oklahoma City Thunder          +750                15/2

Cleveland Cavaliers                 +800                8/1

Houston Rockets                     +1200              12/1


Bradley Beal next team

New York Knicks                     +150                3/2

Golden State Warriors            +250                5/2

Miami Heat                             +350                7/2

Philadelphia 76ers                  +450                9/2

Boston Celtics                         +500                5/1

Denver Nuggets                      +550                11/2

New Orleans Pelicans             +600                6/1

San Antonio Spurs                  +650                13/2

Toronto Raptors                     +750                15/2


Damian Lillard

New York Knicks                     +125                5/4

Philadelphia 76ers                  +250                5/2

Minnesota Timberwolves       +350                7/2

Houston Rockets                     +400                4/1

Miami Heat                             +500                5/1

Golden State Warriors            +600                6/1

Boston Celtics                         +800                8/1

Dallas Mavericks                     +1000              10/1

Los Angeles Clippers               +1200              12/1

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