Updated Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Odds as Fight Nears

Written by:
Tyrone Black
Published on:

Fight odds for Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley this Sunday August 29, 2021 are available here live with the updated odds as of Thursday afternoon below: 

Jake Paul -195

Tyron Woodley +165

(Over/Under 3.5 rounds)

Woodley has stated that he will knock out YouTube celeb Jake Paul in Saturday's PPV boxing match (watch the video from our friends at BetOnline below).

While Woodley has guaranteed the victory, Paul is a decent favorite for the fight. Paul’s odds have actually risen since we opened them at -155 (Woodley +125).  Woodley applauded BetOnline for having the guts to "give away free money".

BetOnline has posted a ton of odds and prop bets for the bout, including whether or not it will go the distance (spoiler...the numbers suggest it won't).

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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