Trump Small Favorite to be Impeached

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C Costigan
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Following the transcript release of the call between Donald Trump and Ukraine, bookies have adjusted their odds regarding the possibility of the President being impeached.

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Last week at gambling website SportsBetting.ag, the odds of a House vote to impeach President Trump were 5-2, which indicates the underdog side. But now the odds have flipped to 1-2, which makes the chances of it happening the odds-on favorite.

Similar movement occurred with the odds for Trump being impeached. Odds for impeachment were 7-2 last week and now they are 5-7. The impeachment odds are close, however, suggesting more of a 50-50 proposition regarding the outcome.

Will there be a vote in the House to impeach President Trump by March 31, 2020?
Yes  1-2  (-200)
No  3-2  (+150)

Will President Trump be impeached during his first term?
Yes  5-7  (-140)
No  1-1  (+100)

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