Trump +160 as Campaign Goes Into Full Fledged Panic Mode

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Gilbert Horowitz
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US President Donald Trump is coming in at +160 odds to win a second term.  The payout is $16 for every $10 bet.

Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden was listed at -210 odds.

Trump's odds continue to decline.

Axios notes the panic within the Trump campaign.

They noted that campaign manager Bill Stepien likened the campaign to an airplane flying through turbulence, saying: "It's our job to safely land the plane."

He added: "Our campaign knows how President Trump was elected in 2016 and more importantly, we know exactly how he's going to do it again."

According to Axios, Stepien's critics say he is in CYA mode, refusing to make tough decisions that might incur Trump's wrath while setting up excuses for what polls suggest could be a shellacking by Joe Biden.

The Trump campaign is currently dealing with a severe money shortage.

This week it was reported that GOP megadonor and casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, along with his wife, provided a $75 million cash infusion to the Trump campaign last month.

The couple's donations to Preserve America PAC, delivered in several installments in August and September, account for nearly $9 out of every $10 the political action committee raised through September 30, according to its first report with the Federal Election Commission.

Since then, there hasn't been a whole lot of money flowing in.

One campaign adviser pointed to a "half-assed" advertising buy in Wisconsin this week while another blasted the idea to stay on the air in Minnesota, a state that appears way out of reach, though it's not necessarily a lock at -400.

Stepien sees three potential paths to victory for Trump.

  • Stepien tells them the "easy part” is winning Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Iowa and Maine’s second congressional district. From there, the first pathway, and the one he views as most likely, is for Trump to win Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
  • His second pathway would be for Trump to win Arizona, North Carolina and Michigan.
  • And pathway three — the one Stepien views as least likely of the options — does not include Arizona but involves Trump winning North Carolina, Michigan and Nevada.

Even the "easy part" is not so easy as Florida has Biden favored at -130 and Trump Even.

It's interesting to note that Stepien does not include Wisconsin or Minnesota in any of his scenarios.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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