Top 5 COVID-19 Related Gambling Trends You Can Expect to Take Shape Revealed!

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Across the globe, various businesses and sectors are struggling to adapt to the new norm of COVID-19. The gambling sector is not spared either, with activities being crippled in several ways. The operators of the agencies can testify the industry is hit hard. Does a question arise about what you can expect from the betting sector from agencies and punters themselves? Here are some of the top trends you can expect to see during post lockdown related to gambling activities.  

  1. Increase in The Number of Poker Gamblers 

There has been a massive increase in poker punters spanning 40% of new punters since the pronouncement of COVID-19 lockdown across the world earlier in the year. It was attributed to the fact that the number of people at home increased as the workforce going to work was compelled to start working from home. Many persons were free than before. Several casino agencies can attest to the doubling in the number of poker players using their platforms. The shift in the use of poker agencies is expected to be adopted even post lockdown. 

  1. Sports Betting Hit a Dead-End 

When the coronavirus outbreak was pronounced an international disaster, most sporting activities were halted. Some of the major sports championships were postponed indefinitely, such as the Olympics and premier league, among others. The die-hard sports bettors were left with no option other than to try other forms of betting. The estimated decrease in sports bettors is almost 30% across the globe. By the fact that sports bettors ventured into other forms of casino games, bringing the old forms back post lockdown will be a hard nut to crack. 

  1. Online Casino Gaming Platform Has Become the New Normal 

With the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, social places were shut down, including casinos and clubhouses, to flatten the spreading curve. The punters who were used to land-based casinos were compelled to start gambling online as a substitute. Therefore, casino gambling post lockdown is expected to go almost 100% towards the online space. Casino agencies are doing their best to ensure the online platforms are friendly and offering a wide range of gambling options.  

  1. There Is Acceptance of Virtual Sports Gambling 

Most gamblers who had previously ignored virtual sports were in for a new kind of betting product. It is a blend of online sports betting and casino combo that gives punters a new gaming experience. As a result of the indefinite postponement of real gaming activities, it has necessitated punters to stake virtual sports. Punters who use virtual sports platforms have considerably increased during the coronavirus lockdown, and volumes will increase even after the lockdown.   

  1. Expects More Betting Related Adverts 

When sports activities resume, it will call for bookies to push hard to catch the attention of punters who will be eager to watch and stakes on sports. The advantage is that wagers are in a situation they are waiting to place life-changing wagers. However, they will be a shift in the advert approach because new betting habits will be adopted. 

Casino gambling post lockdown is expected to be a fantastic one that may be accompanied by its share of challenges. From the above trends, more is still expected.

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