Top 3 Bet Counts NBA Draft, 2019 PGA Championship

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Ean Lamb
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Dave Mason of BetOnline tweeted out Tuesday that 2.5 times more bets were on the New York Knicks to win the NBA Draft Lottery than the next highest bet count, the LA Lakers.

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It was the New Orleans Pelicans that leapt up from the seventh spot to the top of this year's draft Tuesday night, earning the right to take Zion Williamson in next month's NBA Draft. The Pelicans had just a 6 percent chance to win the lottery.

Mason also provided us with a look at the top three bet counts to win the 2019 PGA Championship, one was hardly a surprise.

He tweeted out:

Top 3 bet counts: 1. Tiger (shocker) 10-1 2. Koepka 10-1 3. Xander 20-1

Yes, the number three most wagered on to win this year's PGA Championship was one Xander Schauffele.

Tiger's comeback to win this year's Masters resulted in the biggest payout in the history of sportsbook futures.

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