Tips on How to Bet on Major League Baseball Online

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Following what the public bets in Major League Baseball is a time honored proven method of winning those wagers....just as long as you consistently bet against those teams.

How to Read the Lines

A team that has a line of -120 requires a $20 bet to win $10 or $200 bet to win $100 (the initial bet is refunded provided it is a winner).  +140 indicates that a team is the underdog, in which case you would bet $10 to win $40 or $100 to win $140.  Refer to the BetPhoenix web page for information on how to bet more lucrative parlays (2 or more teams must win but payouts can be substantial). 

Baseball Betting Rules

Follow the line movement.  If it looks too good to be true and the online sportsbook is encouraging action by lowering the price, more likely than not, it is too good to be true.

Oddsmakers are pros, especially when it comes to Major League Baseball due to the vast amount of stats available.  Sports bettors rarely have time to mull over all the stats.

Consider this: When an airline flight is filling up to near capacity booking, does that airline suddenly lower the air fare for last remaining seats?

They might in the waning minutes but overall pricing is dictated by demand. 

The same holds true for Major League Baseball.  If the betting public is pounding a particular side, one would expect the bookmaker to raise the price based on demand.  In such a scenario, lowering the price simply doesn't make a whole lot of sense, so when it happens, don't be so quick to pull the trigger. Encouraging action on a particular side that is already getting plenty of action by lowering the price on that team makes little sense.


Whenever the above scenario occurs, the side you would normally want to back (that which is getting the least amount of action) will see its price increase.  You will want to shop for the best line available.  The differential between lines is often as much as $40 (i.e. +120 to +160) depending on the book.  Obviously bet the best price at the book that offers it.  You will need to have a few online wagering accounts to do so.

Funding Your Online Baseball Betting Account

There are many methods for opening an online betting account including credit card, fast cash electronic and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.  Gift cards are another funding method.  Learn about others here



- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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