These Five Teams Are The Most Bet on to Win The 2022 NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship

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Tyrone Black
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Five teams are seeing the largest bet count to win the 2022 NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship, one is not surprising.  That would be the Gonzaga Bulldogs favored at +450 for a $450 payout on every $100 bet.

None of these are really surprises though.  Kentucky and UCLA make the list with the longest odds paying $1400 on a $100 bet.

Michigan and Kansas also make the Top 5 Most Bet, both at 12-1 odds.

Missing this list are Villanova, Purdue, Duke and Texas, all of which sit among the top 10 shortest odds coming into the new season.

The NCAA Men's College Basketball season officially tips off Tuesday November 9.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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