The Inspiration Behind the Biggest Slot Titles

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There are many online casino games that have interesting themes but the most popular ones are based on movies, books or music. Thus, all online gamblers can get games that fit their preferences and style. Modern online games are created using advanced technology to ensure the players enjoy the games. These games have interesting features like great graphics, unique and exciting themes, high bonuses and better gameplay. All these features have been added to ensure that you enjoy and make the most out of your casino experience. 

The slots that have been based on movies, music and books will definitely motivate new and experienced players with their thrilling and popular soundtracks. They will allow players to feel like they’re part of a whole new online gambling experience. Therefore, you do not have to search far and wide to get the biggest slots that have been inspired by famous movies. Here are some of the top slot titles on the market right now. 


This is one of the best adventure films to be released. In this movie, children find a corpse and a treasure map. The children are hunted by dangerous thieves and have an adventure-filled time. This movie was released long ago but there are many fans who still love it. The Goonies game is based on the movie and has twelve bonus features. The game has five reels, 3 rows and twenty pay lines. It has an interesting interface and remains one of the most-loved virtual slots. Goonies has a rating of 96%. 

Rick and Morty 

In the Rick and Morty series, Rick moves in with her daughter and her family, after missing for more than 20 years. Rick is a sociopathic scientist who does his scientific experiments in their garage. He works on some gadgets and goes on interesting adventures with Morty and Summer as they traverse the universe. The Rick and Morty slot has incorporated features from the show. It also has designs from the original cartoon. The game is 5-reeled and has 20 pay lines. This game has a lot of audio shout-outs, animations and cut scenes. Rick and Morty has an RTP of 96.11%. The top-paying symbols are Rick and Morty. Other symbols are A-J cards, two crystals and a logo. 

Deal or No Deal 

In the deal or no deal show, the contestants are made to choose from 26 closed briefcases that may contain any amount of money ranging from 1 penny to $1 million. The contestant is supposed to eliminate the cases one by one. The cases that the contestant selects are opened one by one and the amount of money inside the cases are revealed. The contestant is then tempted to settle for a certain amount of cash instead of continuing with the game. The Deal or No Deal slot is 5-reeled, 3-rowed and has 20 pay lines. It has an RTP of 95.5% and has symbols that are similar to the show such as the notepads, banker seals, mark mugs and sealed letters. Moreover, the banker appears before the round of free spins begin. Additionally, the banker will also attempt to tempt you with free spins, which you can choose to accept or refuse. 


The Narcos slot game is based on the show about Pablo Escobar, who was a notorious drug lord before dying in a shootout on December 2, 1993. He achieved billionaire status through the illegal production and trafficking of drugs. The show follows Pablo Escabar who has encounters with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and other opposition groups. The series looks at how Escobar became involved in Cocaine trafficking in Colombia. The Narcos slot machine will take you back to the 1970’s when Escobar was operating a large drug business and how the DEA tried to shut down the illegal business. However, the Narcos business does not have any violence or drugs. However, you will see piles of cash, explosions and guns. There are 243 ways to emerge a winner and there are interesting extra symbols as well. The good news is you do not have to be a fan of these popular shows to enjoy the online slots. If you like action-filled slot games, then you might want to try this out. 

Mummy, books of Amun Ra 

The book of Amun Ra was an old Egyptian book that was made of gold. It had incantations and spells that apparently had the power to take life away from human beings. In order to prevent the book from falling into the wrong hands, the Egyptians placed the book inside Horus' statue. The slot game is based on this ancient Egyptian mythology. It is five-reeled and has 10 pay lines. If you want to try out our movie-themed slots, here are a few to begin with. You will have an amazing experience.

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