Super Bowl LV: Warm-Up and General Props Review

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C Costigan
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As we move toward Super Bowl LV, we’re taking a look at some of the many prop bets that you can find action on ahead of the game. This game offers more prop bets than just about any other sporting event due to its high popularity.

Let’s consider what you can find on JAZZ Sports as you think about which wagers you want to try, along with our thoughts on some of the picks.

Super Bowl LV Preview: Warmup & General Prop Bets

Coin Toss: Heads -105 / Tails -105

Coin Toss Winner: KC -105 / TB -105

Will the player call the coin toss correctly? Yes -105 / No -105

Will the team that wins the toss win the game? Yes -105 / No -105

If you like playing the colors on roulette or other simple 50/50 props, then this will appeal to you as well, because it is just the coin flipping through the air that will determine whether you win or not. No amount of skill or research will help, because each flip is an independent event.

Which team will score first? KC -130 / TB -110

This is an interesting prop given how many times Kansas City has fallen behind its opponent in the playoffs, only to roar back and win. They trailed Houston, 24-0, in the divisional playoff last year before winning, 51-31. They trailed Buffalo, 9-0, in the AFC Championship before winning, 38-28. Of course, in November, Kansas City did open up a 17-0 lead on Tampa Bay.

Which team will score last? KC -130 / TB -110

Again, Patrick Mahomes is a master of the last-second drive leading to a touchdown. Tom Brady used to be the master, but Mahomes has taken over the reins the last few seasons.

Which team will score last in the first half? KC -125 / TB -115

There’s heavy vig on both sides of this bet. I think I might stay away from it, given how much you give away no matter which side wins.

Which team will punt first? KC +105 / TB -155

With a conservative start likely, this is a fairly even prop. I’d go with the Chiefs given that teams tend to sniff each other out in the early going of a Super Bowl.

Which team will punt last? KC -125 / TB -115

Again, heavy vig on both sides, and the last punt of the game could take place early in the third quarter.

Which team will score 10 points first? KC -145 / TB +100

This moneyline ignores the Chiefs’ tendency to fall behind in playoff games.

Which team will score 15 points first? KC -155 / TB +105

By the time the teams get past their second touchdowns, we could be in track meet mode, swapping touchdowns.

Other available Super Bowl LV Props include:

Which team will score 20 points first? KC -175 / TB +120

Which team will score 25 points first? KC -200 / TB +135

Which team will score 30 points first? KC -225 / TB +150

What kind of score will happen first? TD -200 / FG/Safety +135

What will the first offensive play be? Pass -130 / Run -110

Who will get the first first down? KC -115 / TB -125

What will the first turnover be? Fumble -105 / INT -150

What will happen with the first coach’s challenge? Play Stands -125 / Overturned -115

Who will call the first time out? KC -130 / TB -110

Who will have the first penalty? KC -125 / TB -115

Who will call the first coach’s challenge? KC -115 / TB -125

Check out the complete list of Super Bowl LV Odds now available at mega-sportsbook JAZZ Sports; just select the PRO Football category to start browsing for all the betting opportunities on the year’s top football event. Have a great action weekend!

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