Super Bowl LIII - Patriots Vs. Rams, Betting the First Quarter

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Could this be the final curtain call for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? These two are now making their 9th Super Bowl appearance together and this one is going to be one for the ages.


The Rams are fired up after going on the road and finding a victory in New Orleans. They laid it all on the table in the NFC Championship and they have everything in the world to be proud of. The Patriots, the same. They also went on the road and into very hostile territory in Arrowhead, they put up 37 and got it done in overtime. This team is resilient, quite possibly they are the most resilient team to ever play together. The Buffalo Bills of the early 90’s come to mind when thinking of their four straight SB appearances but yet, not one win. The Patriots have walked away from eight Super Bowls, with five trophies! Resilient…

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams Preview and Predictions

What’s the skinny in this one, who wins this thing? Who knows! Honestly, who knows? The numbers are so close, this is a tough one to put your finger on. The Rams come in scoring more than 32 point per game and giving up 24, the Patriots come in scoring more than 27 points per game and giving up 20. These numbers give the Rams a one point advantage. Does this hold up? Who has the experience? Of course, we know it’s the Patriots. Does this mean they are destined to win? Absolutely not. Last year  the Patriots had the experience and they were beaten by eight points against the Eagles and a backup quarterback in Nick Foles!

Betting the first quarter—

The first quarter is always a fun bet because you can win money before half time and pay for your party! Not only can you pay for your party, you can have fun while doing it. Why not have fun this year and earn some money during the first quarter

You can bet two ways on the first quarter

Patriots -½ -120 Total 10 ½

Rams +½ -150

You have the option of betting the total at 10.5, (Over +115, Under -145). The other option is of course, the point spread, at ½ either way. No matter what you choose the number is not inflated, this give you value on the number alone. The odds makers are not asking you to lay your first born child! Just ½ a point. In order to win the bet on the Patriots, they must be winning by any score, same goes for the Rams. You are simply picking a winner here.

NFL Football Playoffs - Special Props: A Great Way to Bet and Win

Who scores first is another prop bet that goes hand in hand with this bet and it could certainly add value. The Rams are quick to score out of the gate and the Patriots are slow starters. They get revved up in the second half. The value here seems to lie with the Rams.

Super Bowl LIII - Why the Pats WILL Win  |  Why the Rams Will Win

No matter who you like, get on the phone, call the online sportsbook and get that deposit secured now. This one is worth betting on. There are numerous ways to win this year without picking sides. Call the bookie, ask for a great Super Bowl special and make some real cash while enjoying what is sure to be an instant classic between the Patriots and the Rams.

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