Study Shows Most of America is Rooting Against Logan Paul

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C Costigan
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If you had to guess who America was rooting for in this Sunday's boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, it'd probably be safe to assume the public wants to see the YouTube celebrity go down.


Now, there is some scientific data available to back up that assumption., a sports betting website, created a U.S. map that shows which states are rooting for Mayweather and which ones are rooting for Paul

The survey was conducted by examining geotagged Twitter data during the last month. BetOnline tracked and compiled more than 100,000 tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases such as #teammayweather, #teampaul, #teamloganpaul and #logang.



Given the latest news on the outcome and rules, the sportsbook announced yesterday that all wagers for the winner of the Mayweather vs. Paul fight that were placed before June 3 were refunded. opened new odds for the match, which will only be settled if the bout does not go the full eight rounds.


Fight Odds

Floyd Mayweather -800

Logan Paul +500


Here is the fine print defining exactly how this market will be graded:

(This is an exhibition match. If the fight goes the scheduled distance, wagers will have No Action. Winner will only be graded in the event of a KO/TKO/DQ due to stoppage/referee discretion.)

There are also multiple prop bets available for the bout as well.

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