Steve Bannon Jail Odds Now Available

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Gilbert Horowitz
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In a sign that the times are a changin', the oddsmakers are starting to offer odds on jail terms.  For well over a decade the books had mostly succumb to pressure in halting this type of betting while probably losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on the fate of hated figures like Ghislaine Maxwell and Derek Chauvin.

With this in mind, BetOnline did not hesitate to offer odds on an individual probably hated by at least half the population that is politically inclined perhaps. 

The criminal contempt trial of Steve Bannon started on Monday with jury selection.

Bannon is charged with rejecting a subpoena from the January 6 committee that sought his records and testimony. Bannon was indicted in November on two counts of criminal contempt of Congress.


Each count carries a minimum of 30 days in jail with a maximum of one year.

So, what are the chances Bannon serves jail time, or possibly testifies in an Insurrection Committee hearing?

Our guess: Nicolle Wallace watchers have this one at 1-20 he serves prison time while Fox News viewers are likely to bet 10-1 odds he won't.

Thank you Vegas for coming to the rescue.

BetOnline is offering a few Bannon betting markets.

Oh, and here's a kicker that is going to make Nicolle Wallace gag for sure: Steve Bannon currently has 250-1 odds to be the 2024 Republican nominee.


Will Steve Bannon serve jail time?

Yes -180

No +140

(Odds imply a 64.28% probability Bannon will serve jail time)

Will Steve Bannon testify in Jan. 6 Committee hearing?

Yes -400

No +250

(Odds imply an 80.00% probability Bannon will testify)

Will Donald Trump testify in Bannon trial?

Yes +4000

No -20000

(Odds imply a 99.50% probability Trump will not testify)

Will Steve Bannon be Trump's campaign manager in 2024 Election?

Yes +2000

No -10000

(Odds imply a 99.01% probability Bannon will not serve as campaign manager)

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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