Steelers Not in the Playoffs Yet: Raiders and Chargers Both in With a Tie

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Tyrone Black
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The Steelers have made the 2022 NFL Playoffs, or maybe not.  Looming Sunday night is the Chargers-Raiders game with both those teams guaranteed a spot in the Playoffs with a tie.  Say what?


The Steelers cannot make the Playoffs if the Chargers and Raiders are 9-7-1 to conclude the regular season.  Pittsburgh lost at home to the Raiders in Week 2 and lost on the road to the Chargers in Week 11.

SportsBetting was still holding the line on Sunday night's game at Chargers -3.  With a tie, the Raiders would cover.

There has been speculation throughout the day that LA and Vegas would ensure the game does end in a tie one it was looking like the Colts would lose to Jacksonville.  Indianapolis was expected to easily beat the Jaguars, which would have ensured the Sunday Night Football be an in-and-win scenario.

The odds are probably good that both the Chargers and Raiders would prefer not to see Pittsburgh play in the post season.  The Steelers are 4-2 in their last six.

Week 18 was widely expected to be Ben Roethlisberger's swan song as he gets set to retire.

- Tyrone Black,


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