Six Biggest Casino Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

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As 2020 proved, a lot can happen in one year. What’s more, many businesses aren’t designed to thrive for long in case of a pandemic or major economic downturn. However, people are always willing to try new things to have fun, make money and spend their time. 

In the online casino space, 2020 was a relatively great year. Lots of new online casinos opened up. And thousands of people played slots and card games for the first time. Which trends can the online casino sector expect in 2021? 

Increased Crypto Payments 

Bitcoin was on the news often in 2020 mainly because of its consistent price gains. In all fairness, BTC has been a trending topic since it launched over a decade ago. The casino sector has always welcomed the digital currency although not every website accepts crypto payments. 

That’s projected to change and we could see more casinos accepting crypto payments in 2021. Here’s why—you can now buy Bitcoin through PayPal. This will make it extremely easy to own the virtual currency. Another reason is its growing price. 

More people will want to invest in Bitcoin to profit from its projected growth. Others will buy it because it’s an accepted banking option at many retail and wholesale stores. In other words, 2020 is expected to be a good year for cryptos. And as a result, more casinos will want to become part of this revolutionary currency. 


In case you missed it, gamification was one of the biggest casino trends in 2020. It will continue to trend in 2021 for one reason—players love it. For the uninitiated, gamification describes the application of game like features, let’s say scoring points, unlocking trophies, and competing for prizes. 

Many casinos use gamification to encourage loyalty. It is also a great way for players to engage with one another. What’s more, it’s rewarding. Players don’t just play selected slots for the fun of it. There are usually bonuses and cash prizes to be won. 

For clarity, the usual casino bonuses won’t go anywhere. Operators will continue to give out no deposit and deposit-based offers. So, check out bonus review websites like casino gurus for the best casino bonuses. Some of the rewards come with few or no wagering requirements, making it easy to cash out your winnings. 

Mobile Gaming 

Mobile gaming is another 2020 trend headed for a comeback. Last year, more than half of casino players became mobile players. Many of them preferred to play slots and table games through browser websites rather than native apps. Will there be more changes this year? 

Software providers will create more mobile-friendly games. And casinos will give out fair bonuses. In other words, check out your ideal casinos for the best free spins, VIP points and cash prizes. Mobile casinos will retain the same benefits they had in 2020. 

The only changes to expect are those brought by innovation—VR, 3D graphics, 4K resolutions and mobile payments. That said, native apps will probably decline in popularity. Fewer casinos are designing android and iOS apps. And even fewer people use these apps. 

No Registration Casinos 

No registration casinos are exactly that—operators that allow you to gamble without creating accounts. They started as an exclusive service offered by casinos in conjunction with Trustly. However, more banking options are expected to offer a similar service in 2021, making the small niche a mainstay in 2021. 

No registration casinos work in a straightforward way. You create an account on Trustly and receive a BankID you provide to casinos. In doing so, you don’t need to provide your email address, create a user name or even fulfill KYC verification. 

The best benefit of no registration casinos besides the lack of accounts is that payments are incredibly fast. All you need is to have money in your Trustly account and the e-Wallet will let you transfer it to a casino instantly. Likewise, you can cash out your profits from gaming websites quickly. 

The disadvantage is that no registration casinos are offered in few countries: Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark to name a few. As mentioned, more casinos will provide no registration services in 2021, widening the range of websites through which you can bet without registering accounts. 

Pay by Phone Casinos 

Ever dreamed of playing casino games without money? You will love Pay by Phone casinos. They allow you to play your favorite jackpots, blackjack and roulette games on credit. Then you can settle your bill afterwards through a phone bill. 

Pay by Phone casinos hit the news regularly in 2020 both because of their unusual business model and also because of their many benefits. They are a new, cool, easy to love idea. All you need is to register an account and choose a Pay by Phone banking choice. 

Zimpler and Boku are the most popular options for casino players. They both work in a similar fashion. You choose either e-wallets at your favorite Pay by Phone casinos. After that, you choose the amount you want as your bankroll and boku or Zimpler sends you a confirmation message.  

Next, Zimpler or Boku sends you money to play your favorite casino games. Of course, there are limits--€30 to €200 per day. Also, there are interest fees, meaning using Pay by Phone payment methods is the equivalent of using credit cards. 

Increased Casino Regulation 

More and more countries are making laws to govern online gambling, from the US to Germany. In the US, iGaming regulation is a matter of state concern. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware are some of the jurisdictions where online casinos are legal. 

In the rest of the world, iGaming regulation takes place at the national or provincial governments. Some nations elect to operate online gaming through a monopolized agency. Others allow competition. All the same, more countries are regulating the casino industry. 

In case you’re wondering, regulation is good for the industry as long as it’s no extreme. If the taxes are reasonable and operators can offer all the games they want, the industry will continue to advance. 

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