Single Game Sports Betting Bill Passes in Canada Senate

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Gilbert Horowitz
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A measure to allow single game sports betting in Canada passed the Senate Tuesday and all that remains is a mostly ceremonial final step in which the chief justice of Canada grants royal assent.

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Fifty-seven senators voted to pass Bill C-218, 20 voted against and seven abstained.

Though sports betting has been legal in Canada, individuals were required to place bets on multiple games, each having to win for the wager to be paid out.  This is known as a parlay.

Like in the United States, each province will decide how it wishes to proceed with implementation of sports betting.

BetMGM released a statement saying it “applauds” the outcome of the senators’ vote.

“With this change in federal law, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with provincial governments, policymakers, and regulators in crafting policy that benefits taxpayers and provinces, while safeguarding the integrity of games,” the statement read. “BetMGM also applauds ongoing efforts in the province of Ontario to establish a robust, competitive, and regulated online gaming market and looks forward to participating in the Ontario licensing process.”

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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