Sports Bettor Hits Sick 15-Leg $50 Parlay With Final Second Score: Wins $1.13 Million

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Don Shapiro
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BetMGM has confirmed that one lucky individual hit a 15-team $50 parlay over the weekend to win just over $1.13 million, and that gambler had to rely on a final second Ravens score that allowed them to win outright against Chicago.  The Baltimore selection in the parlay was a moneyline, so no need to cover any spread.


Some folks were quick to question the line on the Vegas Golden Knights portion of the parlay, which didn't seem to jive with the posted numbers.  BetMGM was quick to clarify that particular bet was live in-play action.

Even more impressive, one person tweeted.

"My god, that makes the parlay even that more psychotic. What a damn hit!."

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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