Shaun Deeb Unloads on Bryn Kenney: 'Unethical Bankroll Management'

Written by:
Nagesh Rath
Published on:

Poker pro Shaun Deeb has accused fellow pro Bryn Kenney of engaging in "unethical money management"

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Daniel Cates disagreed with Deeb’s criticism:

Regarding @BrynKenney's honor... I heard a story about him where he hard vouched for someone up to 500k, with a 1m USD roll on a deal it seemed he would make a ton of money on. Instead, the guy welches for 3m USD, and Brynn pays the whole 3m with every cent he has and makes

And Jason Koon offered this:

I’ve know Bryn for a really long time. We have had several times where we didn’t see eye to eye and I wouldn’t suggest his bankroll management practices, that said, I’ve seen him put his neck on the line in spots where he didn’t run well and he always honored his debts.

But PokerTube does not that Kenney's reputation is not exactly the most pristine in poker.

Kenney certainly does have a reputation for rubbing people up the wrong way. He can be brash and outspoken. That said, he’s been around the scene for a long time now and we can see his reputation amongst his peers is an honourable one.

Jungleman even tells a story how Kenney guaranteed a loan for $500k for a friend who eventually welched on $3 million. Without a complaint, Kenney paid every cent.

- Nagesh Rath,