Sex Dolls in the Stands, Darlington 400 Most Wagered on NASCAR Event Ever?

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Don Shapiro
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Leading South Korea club FC Seoul apologised to fans after inadvertently substituting supporters in the stands with sex dolls during their 1-0 win over Gwangju FC on Sunday. 

While the season started on May 8, fans are not yet allowed in stadiums because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Seoul said there had been a misunderstanding with the supplier, and it had been told the dolls were not for adult use. 

"We would like to apologise to the fans," the club said in a statement released on social media. 

"We are very sorry about the supporting mannequins that were placed during the game on May 17. These mannequins may have been made to look and feel like real humans but they are not for sexual use -- as confirmed by the manufacturer from the beginning." 


- Don Shapiro,

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