Scott Frost First to be Fired Odds

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Tyrone Black
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Nebraska head coach Scott Frost' odds of being the first college football head coach fired will likely get shorter, and who's to say it he won't get the axe before there is even officially a Week 1 of the season.  Frost entered the season at +150 to be first fired.

The Huskers faced off against an Illinois team that was favored to win just five regular season games in what is being billed as Week Zero.  They got their asses handed to them.

Before that game was even over, the Twitterverse was screaming for his termination.

Pat Forde mocked:

"Nebraska’s first half included a safety, a missed PAT, two huge personal fouls and fumble returned for a TD. Scott Frost’s putative “best team at Nebraska” trails Illinois and its backup QB 16-9 at halftime. It’s fine."

Frost is a adisappointing 12-21 in three seasons now, counting Saturday's game.  His contract buy-out will be a tough pill to swallow for the Huskers, but might pay off over time.  Otherwise this may prove to be another very long season for Huskers diehards.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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