Why Do You Think There is a Salary Cap?

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Ron Raymond
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Salary Cap

It's about bringing parity to sports and giving each team a chance to win a championship. Look at the proof in every sport at every level; Who would have guessed the Kansas Jayhawks would have been playing for a BCS Bowl game last year? Who saw the NY G-Men going 0-2 to win the Super Bowl? How do you explain the Colorado Rockies going to the World Series last year? The sports world our parents knew from the 70's, 80's and 90's is not the same sports world of today, money bought championships in those days, parity is about bringing balance to today's sports.

Why do you think there's parity? Two words: Sports Betting! Owners knew with the internet and having every thing "on demand" today like NFL Sunday Ticket, to get the younger generation of today which I've dubbed "generation what's in it for me", would be playing fantasy sports or betting on games to stay interested in the game. Eventually, sports fans are going to realize, if I'm going to pay anywhere from $250 to $1000 a year on viewing sports for things such as Sunday Ticket, NBA Pass, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Centre Ice and numerous other Pay Per View events like MMA and Boxing, how can I get a return on this investment? It's not like spending $10 to watch a movie for 1 night, were talking hundreds of dollars for a season, for one sport! Now that we are forced to pay to watch sports, it's become "investment TV" in a sense.

Sports betting and Fantasy Leagues are the future of sports and it will one day be considered and treated like the Stock market.

Which brings me to my point, how do you handicap parity? With teams being equal today, you have to research past situations and play the percentages. That's why it's important to consider past mistakes for current profits. Good luck with your betting.

Today's Baseball Pick courtesy of Ron Raymond at Phoenix Sports


Detroit - Baltimore OVER 10 -110

Action on game.

Keys to selection: When DETROIT Played as a Favorite - During the Last 5 Years - With 1 Under or More - Won Last Game by 2 Runs or Less and own a SU Record of 2 Wins 3 Losses in their L5G; The OVER is 12-2-0 for the Tigers in this spot the last 5 years. Play the OVER.

Baseball Streakers


Who's Hot: NY Mets 9 SU Wins, Cleveland 4 SU Wins

Who's Not: Tampa Bay 7 SU Losses, Colorado 4 SU Losses

O/U Streaks: Arizona 4 Over Philadelphia 3 Over, NY Mets 3 Under, Colorado 3 Under

Today's Stats and Trends


New York Mets vs. Cincinnati: When NY METS team played as a Road team - During a night game - Vs. Right handed pitchers - Coming off a 6 Game Home Stand - Coming off a Home win as a Favorite; The OVER is 11-2-1 for the Mets in this role.

San Diego vs. St.Louis: When ST LOUIS team played as a -100 to -120 Home Favorite - Vs. Right handed pitchers - After a division game - Coming off a Win vs. NL CENTRAL opponent - Coming off a 1 game win; The Cards are 7-3 SU in this spot since '97.

Pittsburgh vs. Colorado: When COLORADO team played as a -120 to -140 home Favorite - Last 5 years - During the month of July; The Rockies are 12-4 SU in this role L5Y.

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