Russell Wilson Next Team Odds

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Tony Caliente
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Russell Wilson has denied the trade rumors, but the speculation keeps mounting that he, and possibly Pete Carroll, won't be with the Seahawks organization behind this year.

BetOnline set odds on Wilson's team for the 2022 season, and the squads linked to rumors are essentially at the top of the list.

The Seahawks did easily beat Houston in Week 14, and this could quiet the talk of Wilson leaving for now. 

He missed a couple of more throws Sunday, including one that was behind DK Metcalf, but was starting to resemble his old self. 

The Cardinals could clinch a Playoff spot with a win Monday night while San Francisco's win Sunday all but knocked out Seattle from Playoff contention.

Russell Wilson Team in 2022 (if not Seahawks)

Broncos           +300

Giants              +500

Redskins          +700

Saints              +700

Steelers           +700

Dolphins          +800

Eagles              +800

Panthers          +900

Falcons            +1200

Packers            +1200

Raiders            +1400

Bears               +1600

Jets                  +1600

Texans             +1600

Lions                +2000

- Tony Caliente, Gambling911.com

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