Roulette Strategies — Safe Tips for Winning

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Roulette is a game in which luck plays the leading role since the outcome totally depends on where the ball will land on the wheel. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no strategy to it. In fact, there are two main types — progressive and non-progressive.

In this text, we will discuss both progressive and non-progressive betting strategies that are designed to help you shine in roulette games. Let’s get into it! 

Progressive Betting Strategies

Progressive betting strategies are built around the concept that the player should increase the betting amount after each round. Out of many progressive betting strategies, Reverse Martingale and the D’Alembert system are the most popular ones, so we are going to explain these two. 

The Reverse Martingale System

With the Reverse Martingale system, also known as the Paroli System, the player should increase the bet size after every winning round and decrease it after each unsuccessful one. The system implies that the player benefits from a winning streak and profits from lucky spins while keeping losses low when Lady Luck is not in a good mood. 

The D’Alembert System

The D'Alembert system recommends increasing bets gradually after each loss, and decreasing them when you start winning. This betting strategy is considered a flat progression strategy as it is more gentle than some other winning schemes.

If you decide to apply the D’Alembert system, make sure that you choose a default betting amount that you will add to or deduct from your wager. Usually, players go for the amount of $1.

What D'Alembert's strategy is based on is that the bets will eventually even out and that a long streak of high numbers must be followed by a long streak of low numbers. 

Non-Progressive Roulette Betting Strategies

Non-progressive roulette betting strategies demand rapid increases or decreases in betting amounts. These strategies leave it to you to choose whether you will keep betting the same value throughout the game or change the bets. A couple of proven non-progressive strategies include the Constant Bet and the James Bond strategy. 

The Constant Bet Roulette Strategy

The Constant Bet strategy is the simplest one that most players use without even knowing it. Simply, this strategy suggests that a player should consistently bet the same amount. If you’re up for winning big but don’t want to risk too much, this might be the right betting strategy for you. 

The James Bond Strategy

We probably all know who James Bond is, and now we are going to find out his gambling strategy from the famous movie Casino Royale.

This strategy is known as a flat non-progressive betting system with a goal to shift the odds in the player’s favor. Bond places the following bets at every spin: 


    $140 on the high numbers from 19 to 36 

    $50 on numbers from 13 to 18 

    $10 on 0 for insurance purposes 


This betting strategy will result in 25 winning and 12 losing numbers. Should any of the bets come out as successful, you will be taking home a significant amount of money. Yet, don’t expect that you will win every time because there can be streaks where the ball just happens to love numbers from 1 to 12 and bring you substantial losses.

Bottom line — when playing roulette, try to implement at least one of the strategies, as they are proven to bring you more profit than when you bet at random. Good luck!

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