Compliance Experts Enhance Platform With the Rightlander Telegram Monitoring Tool

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London: 23 February 2022 – Rightlander.com has launched the Telegram Monitoring Tool in response to client requests due to an increased number of affiliates promoting their brands through Telegram.

The service notifies operators when their marketing partners are talking about their brand as well linking to the brand.  Monitoring includes detection of text, affiliate links and emojis. Any matching Telegrams detected are made available to Rightlander clients through a Compliance Workbench, helping operators to efficiently review and remediate.

Currently set up for Brazilian, Columbian, Spanish, Italian and Romanian markets, the Telegram Monitoring tool can be configured for most countries as required.

Ian Sims, founder of Rightlander.com, said “Affiliates have been getting ever more resourceful as they deal with stricter regulation and the consolidation of larger affiliates through M&A. One of the key regulatory requirements placed on operators is to know their sources of traffic, and this is ultimately why so many top operators use Rightlander. Adding Telegram to our affiliate compliance monitoring is just the latest development in an ongoing process to help companies avoid regulatory penalties and protect their brand’s reputation.”

Telegram is the latest in a line of online marketing channels that Rightlander is proficient at monitoring for affiliate marketing compliance in countries around the globe. Other channels monitored include Email, Social Media, Video, PPC, affiliate web sites and web sites offering illegal or infringing content.

For more information on the Telegram Monitoring Tool, contact Jonathan Elkin jonathan.elkin@rightlander.com

About Rightlander:

Rightlander.com is a state-of-the-art advertising and affiliate compliance platform that allows affiliates and operators to identify potentially non-compliant content in regulated jurisdictions. It does this by scanning affiliate content from within the target jurisdiction, looking for events or conditions defined by operator clients and regulators, and sending alerts when it finds content that meets those conditions.

Launched in January 2018, the Rightlander.com product has expanded rapidly into multiple territories around the world and is used by many high-profile merchants, operators and affiliate networks to help them keep on top of their affiliate compliance responsibilities.


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