Heritage Refunds Futures Bets on Novak Djokovic, Election Back to Coin Toss

Written by:
Don Shapiro
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Heritage Sports has let players know they have decided in good faith to refund futures bets on Novak Djokovic winning the US Open.

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Djokovic was disqualified from the tournament after whacking a ball that accidentally hit the line judge. He was fuming over a loss at a breakpoint.

US Presidential Election Now a Coin Toss - Former Vice President Joe Biden and sitting President Donald Trump are each listed as Even odds favorites at BetOnline after Trump briefly took on favorite status last week following the GOP Convention. 

Trump has come under fire in recent days for reportedly calling soldiers killed in combat "losers" and "suckers".  The US President has denied these allegations.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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