Prop Bets for Antonio Brown Helmet and Feet, Kaepernick and QB Battles

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C Costigan
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According to one sportsbook, Antonio Brown will not retire, Colin Kaepernick will not sign with a team and Daniel Jones will not start for the Giants. 

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On Monday, the site set odds for a few trending NFL topics, including Brown's helmet standoff and cryrotherapy injury, the trio of quarterback competitions and Kaepernick's chances to return to the league. (note: college QB battle odds will be updated later this week)

The oddsmakers are calling AB's bluff, making his odds to retire 5-1 and his odds to not play in the season opener 3-1. They don't expect the NFL to have any sympathy regarding his helmet either, setting the odds of him keeping his original headgear at 3-1.

Current odds: Available Here

Will Antonio Brown play in Week 1? 

Yes  -500

No +300

Will Antonio Brown where his old helmet in Week 1? 

Yes +300

No -500

Will Antonio Brown retire before Week 1? 

Yes +500

No -1000

Will Antonio Brown post a picture of his feet on social media before Week 1?

Yes +150

No -200

Odds for the three NFL quarterback battles were posted almost two weeks ago, and they haven't changed much. Bettors initially backed Manning in the Giants' competition, driving the odds from 1-10 (-1000) to -1500, but after Daniel Jones' strong preseason performance, bettors took the rookie. Additional prop bets betwen the two QBs are below.

Case Keenum is still the favorite in the Redskins race while Dwayne Haskins is behind Keenum and Colt McCoy.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has moved from a -250 favorite to start over Josh Rosen to -300.

Who will start for the Dolphins in Week 1?
Ryan Fitzpatrick -300  
Josh Rosen +200

Who will start for the Redskins in Week 1?
Case Keenum +100

Colt McCoy +200

Dwayne Haskins +250
Who will start for the Giants in Week 1?
Eli Manning  -1200
Daniel Jones  +600

Who will start more games?
Eli Manning -150
Daniel Jones +110

Who will have the most passing yards?
Daniel Jones -140
Eli Manning +100

Who will have the most passing touchdowns?
Daniel Jones -120
Eli Manning -120

Who will have the most interceptions?
Daniel Jones -200
Eli Manning +150

Finally, despite his potential attempt for a comeback, doesn't foresee a scenario where Kaepernick comes back to the league, setting the odds of him doing so at 2-1.

Will Colin Kaepernick sign with an NFL team during 2019 season?

Yes +200

No -300

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