Poker News: WSOP Kicks Off Today at Brand New Venue

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Tuesday May 31

Poker News: WSOP Kicks Off Today at Brand New Venue - Check out everything you need to know before the WSOP 2022 at Paris and Bally's Las Vegas!!  This marks the beginnig of a new era as the WSOP concluded a 17-year stint at the Rio.

The 53rd World Series of Poker® (WSOP®) – the richest, most prestigious and longest-running poker series – daily event schedule was released back in February.

Here are your events for today:

Tue, May 31st
11:00 AM
2 Days

Event #1: Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em

Structure Sheet$500Tue, May 31st
3:00 PM
3 Days

 Event #2: High Roller Bounty No-Limit Hold’em



Saturday May 26

Americas Cardroom is Giving Away 18 Tickets to Million Dollar Weekend - Americas Cardroom is turning 21, and to celebrate, the poker room is giving away 18 total tickets to 4 different Million Dollar Weekend $1M Guaranteed Monster MEGA sats being held yesterday and today (Saturday May 18).  Click on the Twitter thread below for more details (scroll down for comments in the Twitter thread) and be sure to join Americas Cardroom here.

Friday May 27





Thursday May 26

Poker Pro Cory Zeidman Arrested in Connection to $25 Million Sports Betting Scheme The 61-year-old professional poker player was charged Wednesday morning in Florida with placing radio ads to “lure victims to retain [his] organization for sports betting advice”, promising that “privileged information” meant that the bettors would have no risk.

Wednesday May 25

LCS Main Event Pays Biggest Prize in Lodge History - This event took place in Red Rock, Texas, another example of how big poker has become in the Lone Star State.  The venues attract those from around the world, Bauer among them.

Bauer's live tournament winnings totalled $679,600 prior to Tuesday's LCS Main Event victory. Bauer resides in France and was born in Balloch, Scotland.

Tuesday May 24

Venom PKO in the Money as Winner to be Rewarded on Wednesday - Check out the streaming from this event below.


Matusow Defends Negreanu Over Sexual Misconduct Claims - “What this woman said is just lies,” Matusow said. “Daniel would never ever act like that towards a woman poker player. He told me if he was staring at her it was just to get reads, not because he wanted to f*** her.”


Punta del Este Main Satellite Announced for July (2022) - This is your chance to win a $4,500 dream poker vacation to compete in a Live Event in an exotic location!

Monday May 23

Negs Goes All-In On Depp v Heard Slander Trial - Who needs Court TV when we have poker's biggest money earner breaking down what he calls "facts" in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard slander trial.

Plaintiff Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood's biggest stars, is making claim for three counts of defamation for "$50,000,000 +" in damages from defendant Amber Heard, another of the top stars in Hollywood, who is counterclaiming $100 million.

The trial is expected to conclude with closing arguments later in the week.

Negreanu has gone all-in on this trial.

He also claims that Amber was "caught lying about using the makeup that didn't exist back then to "cover her bruises" frequently, which was refuted by the makeup company in court" and says that Heard "admitted to domestic violence against Johnny. Plus suspicion of domestic violence against her own sister (her sister was discussing it with her friends by the poolside in a video clip), and assaulted her ex-best friend in public."

He adds: "She claims she's never wanted to be seen as a victim and wanted to move on, but appears in countless TV shows and articles talking about her "abuse" and "donation" non stop, literally appeared on every show she could to talk about her being a victim and being noble."



Saturday May 21

Matusow Questions Why Biden Would Remove His Mask When Outdoors - We love Mike "The Mouth" Matusow but it's always fun when he tweets something political and suffers the backlash of his "loyal" followers.

Case in point: On Saturday, "The Mouth" tweeted out a video of US President Joe Biden stepping off Airforce One donning a face mask to protect himself from Covid-19.  Biden is approaching his 80's and certainly susceptible to the virus, especially in-flight.

The video then shows Biden removing the mask as he greets others while still outdoors.

"If this doesn’t show you what a farce mask wearing is then I feel bad for you!"

The responses that followed were to die for.

Correct answer (we think): Twice last we checked in on Mike. He is fully vaccinated.

He's speaking of Mike (we think).

And not everyone is hating on Mike either.


Dan Coates Says "People Think Poker is About Lying, But Actually Poker is About the Truth"

"Poker is a business. It's about money management, maximizing profits, and not letting people scam you. It's also a competition," Matthew Marvin responded.

Giles Cagignan tweeted I concur. "Poker is about finding the truth in order to make your next move. This move can be bluff but bluffing without any idea of what the truth is is reckless."

Then there was this...

Also be sure to check out Dan's most recent podcast where he speaks to Tyler "Ninja" Blevins about his appearance on the Hustler Casino live stream and his newfound love for poker.


Liv Boeree Says Your Brain on Twitter is Being Hijacked by an Algorithm Designed to Maximise Engagement - "And the most efficient way to do that is through anger," she adds.

Dan Hightower responded:  "Notice how attendance at school board and city council meetings go up when people have a divisive topic to argue about? Twitter makes sure you have that on this platform. It’s not even about timeline. It’s about what is promoted to you and recommend."

Johnny J writes: "It's not like that. because there are no groups or anything like that on twitter for people to talk and exchange ideas qnd there's only a comment section, people will try to attract attention and since not everybody comes up with smart things to do so, they try to piss others off."

Liv Boeree is a popular British poker pro who has amassed $3,852,996 in live circuit winnings over her long career.  She currently ranks 18th on England's All Time Money List.

Sunday May 22

Poker Pro Veronica Brill Heats Up Vegas -

Brill is a whistle blower who has made headlines in recent years for lodging accusations against Mike Postle for cheating during live streaming events at the Stones Gambling Hall. 

Last June, Brill was awarded $27,745 towards her legal costs in the long-running saga after filing an anti-SLAPP lawsuit following Postle’s $330million defamation action against her.

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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