You Can Now Place Sports Bets at Chicago Arenas, Stadiums

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Sports betting at Chicago's famed Wrigley Field and other sports venues received the green light Wednesday night despite some aldermen resistance.  Critics fear such a move will hurt tax revenue from a planned city casino.

In total, eight aldermen voted against sports gambling in the stadiums and ball parks.

In 2019, after the Illinois legislature approved stadium sportsbooks, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said they had “the potential to undermine the viability of any Chicago-based casino.”

Lightfoot has since pivoted her position. On Monday, she said a lot of the people complaining now “didn’t raise a single word of criticism” back when Springfield passed it.

Illinois is among the US states that prohibit betting on in-state schools and games they are featured in.  Those looking to sign up with a sportsbook currently must do so in person. 

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