Payouts on PA GOP Senate Primary Could Take Days

Written by:
Gilbert Horowitz
Published on:

There has been no winner determined in the Pennsylvania GOP primary with Mehmet Oz -135 and David McCormick +370 in a statistical tie.

While Oz was ahead of McCormick by just over 2000 votes, around 6% of the ballots remained outstanding.  At least a portion of these were believed to be found in a district heavily favoring McCormick.  Outstanding mail-in ballots could also benefit McCormick. 

The statistical dead heat is almost certain to prompt an automatic recount, which is triggered when the margin for a statewide office less is than or equal to 0.5% of the total vote. In this election that'd equate to about 6,300 votes.

Oz, a television personality, received the endorsement of former US President Donald Trump while McCormick, who served as CEO of Bridgewater Associates, was considered the more "establishment" candidate.  He also served as Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs during the George W. Bush administration.  Both men are looking to fill the seat of retiring Senator Pat Toomey.

Elsewhere, John Fetterman easily won the Democratic Primary despite suffering a stroke late last week.  Fetterman is also seen as the favorite to win regardless of who is ultimately declared the Republican primary winner. 

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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