With the Heat on Monmouth Racetrack, PETA Takes Opportunity to Terrorize Small Children

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) used a highly controversial decision to race horses in the heat of Monmouth Park to reinforce their stance against horse racing completely, waving signs and terrorizing small children apparently.

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The decision by Monmouth Park officials prompted likely more than 80% of folks to stand on the same side as PETA but, in the end, cooler heads prevailed and most of the day's races were cancelled while the marquee Haskell Invitational was moved to 8 pm ET, a time when temperatures were closer to the high 80's.

Michael Dempsey of TurfNSports agreed the races should have been postponed, and technically they were.  He's also a vocal critic against PETA but found himself oddly on the same side Saturday...at least as it pertained to racing horses in 110 degree heat.  Dempsey summed it up best at the conclusion of the Haskell Invitational:

But then it got really weird as Monmouth Park officials appeared to actually care about the well being of horses as Sunday rolled around and no big dollar Haskell Invitational on the card.

Senior VP of PETA Kathy Guillermo responded to this article:

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