Oregon vs. Stanford: Winning Margin Odds Week 4

Written by:
Mary Montgomery
Published on:

Gambling911.com has your Oregon vs. Stanford Margin of Victory betting odds.  The line on this game was sitting at Ducks -10.5.

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Oregon Win By 01-03 Points
Oregon Win By 04-06 Points
Oregon Win By 07-10 Points
Oregon Win By 11-13 Points
Oregon Win By 14-17 Points
Oregon Win By 18-21 Points
Oregon Win By 22 or More
Stanford Win By 01-03 Points
Stanford Win By 04-06 Points
Stanford Win By 07-10 Points
Stanford Win By 11-13 Points
Stanford Win By 14-17 Points
Stanford Win By 18-21 Points
Stanford Win By 22 or More

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