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These are the stories coming from the world of online gambling affiliates and webmasters, including the latest search engine and conference news for Wednesday June 16, 2021



Thursday is the big day.

The page experience update is now slowly rolling out (Top Stories will begin using this new signal by Thursday). It will be complete by the end of August 2021.

It encompasses the following key components:

  1. Load Speed - It is recommended that websites should not take more than 2.5 seconds in which to load.  Remember that Google indexing is now mobile prioritized as opposed to laptop/PC in the past (Bing still indexes via laptop searches).  Try to get an understanding of how your website appears on different devices from friends and family (as you are less likely to own multiplate devices).
  2. Mobile Friendly
  3. Safe Browsing -  Make sure your site does not contain any malicious malware.  You should consider using a Web security monitoring company. 
  4. HTTPS:// - This has pretty much been in place over the past three years, however, odds are good that the old http will be difficult to rank.  HTTPS: is for enhanced security.  
  5. No intrusive interstitials - This may be what causes the most casualties.  These are essentially popup ads. Specifically, anything that blocks most or all of a mobile landing page. Banners and overlays can also be classed as an intrusive interstitial if it leads to bad user experiences, especially lots of javascript. Throughout our 22 year history, Gambling911.com has never employed popup ads.  One question we have: How will pay walls impact search rankings?

Note that the AMP format is no longer required and that any page, irrespective of its Core Web Vitals score or page experience status, will be eligible to appear in the Top Stories carousel.

Experts in the field believe this will likely represent a low weight tie breaker signal and should not have a huge impact on rankings.

More News... (in alphabetical order)

iGB Live

Netherlands Set to Go to Full Capacity

iGB Live organizer Alex Pratt broke the news that the Netherlands will allow venues to operate at full capacity from June 30th onward as long as onsite testing is in place. "It’s happening!!" he declared.

And the date is set at 28 September to 1 October. Details Here

Speaking of iGB Live, it IS taking place.

Apparently there was an email going around saying it would not be.  The organizers claim this is an attempt at sabotage.

Hi all, there are some rather dodgy people around at the moment spreading all sorts of rubbish – it’s come to my attention that an email may have reached some of our customers talking about iGB Live! 2021 being postponed. Can I take this opportunity to reassure you that iGB Live! is VERY MUCH going ahead, those emails are SPAM, and they are to be utterly IGNORED! We have threatened said company with legal action. We are also VERY much looking forward to seeing you at the end of September in Amsterdam - keep looking out online for further info, and feel free to get in touch or message me directly for more info – it’s going to be truly great (and a lot of fun) to get together again.

Gambling News

Mavs vs. Suns Game 7 Betting Props

Mavs vs. Suns Game 7 Betting Props

The Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks face off in game seven of the Western Conference second round with Phoenix a -6.5 home favorite.

Bucks vs. Celtics Game 7 Betting Props

Bucks vs. Celtics Game 7 Betting Props

The Celtics defeated the Bucks 108-95 in the last meeting and come into Sunday afternoon's game as a -5 favorite looking to advance to the Conference Finals against the Miami Heat.

Sports Betting, Events Odds and Previews 2022: Bet Which Teams Will Be in the NBA Finals

The English FA Cup Championship game was taking place starting 11:45 am ET Saturday. Liverpool was coming in at mostly EVEN paying odds, while both Chelsea and the Draw were promising payouts of US$50 for every US$20 bet at most books. 

Baseball Betting News: Dodgers Still Double Any Other Team's Odds to Win World Series

Dodgers pay $400 on a $100 bet while the next shortest odds go to the Mets who pay $800

Crypto, Blockchain and Gaming News: Luna Founder "Heartbroken" Over Collapse, Investors Have Heartburn

Terraform Labs co-founder and CEO Do Kwon offered a series of tweets about the collapse of Terra's LUNA token and associated stablecoin, UST.