Cowboys Next Head Coach Odds as Jones Backs McCarthy....for a Hot Minute At Least

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Don Shapiro
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(January 23, 2023) - Jerry Jones immediately backed Mike McCarthy after Sunday night's division playoff loss, but Jerry has been known to change his mind on occasion....and is under tremendous pressure to do so now.


If McCarthy is ultimately removed as head coach of the Cowboys, the oddsmakers at only see three realistic options as his replacement.

The favorite would be a “Prodigal Son” story, with Sean Payton coming back to Big D where he led the offense for three seasons.

Of course, Payton looks to be the favorite to fill the opening in Denver (head coach vacancy odds will be updated on this page later today or early Tuesday), so it makes sense that coordinators Dan Quinn and Kellen Moore are second and third, respectively, on the Cowboys coach list.

Additionally, Brett Maher is a solid favorite to be back with the 'Boys next season, and the team is favored to reach the playoffs again.

In other NFC East news, Saquon Barkley heads into the offseason as a UFA. If he doesn't end up being "a Giant for life," then the Ravens and Bills are frontrunners for his services, according to the numbers below.

Cowboys, QBs, coach and Barkley odds will be updated daily on this page.

Cowboys head coach in Week 1           

Sean Payton                  +140

Dan Quinn                    +175

Kellen Moore                +210

Jim Harbaugh                +1400

Shane Steichen             +2500           

Saquon Barkley next team                   

Baltimore Ravens          +400

Buffalo Bills                  +425

Denver Broncos            +500

New York Jets               +600

New England Patriots    +700

Dallas Cowboys             +750

Kansas City Chiefs         +800

Carolina Panthers          +900

New Orleans Saints       +900

Chicago Bears               +1000

Seattle Seahawks          +1000

Arizona Cardinals          +1400

Will Brett Maher be on Cowboys roster in Week 1                   

Yes                   -300

No                    +200             

Will the Cowboys make the playoffs next season?                    

Yes                   -200

No                    +150

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