Niki Ghazian New Cristiano Ronaldo Girl?

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Jordan Bach
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Model Niki Ghazian has stated that footballer Ronaldo is gifted in many ways - and we suspect she wasn't referring to his talents on the field playing football.

Ghazian claims to have spent the night with the ultra tanned Ronaldo in his LA hotel while the soccer stud vacations in Hollywood.

Niki, 26, also claimed Ronaldo snubbed Paris Hilton when she approached him at the same nightclub - because he dislikes skinny girls.

"I mean he (Cristiano) doesn't even need to hire security because at all times he is surrounded by an impermeable threshold of women," the ravishing beauty told "It's impossible to get near him! Our mutual friend told me it was Cristiano Ronaldo's table and asked me if I wanted to meet him. He led me through the hoard of girls and introduced me in front of all of them. I could feel all the girls eyes burning into my back as Cristiano asked me to sit down and started chatting with me.

"We hardly had time to get much of a conversation going before the other girls were trying their hardest to get me away from him. I've never been one to start a fight and it really wasn't a huge deal to me so I said good-bye to him and made my way out of the crowd. I just figured i'd leave him to his slew of women that he would probably take home and have some sort of orgy. (Laughs) I walked over to the bar to join my girlfriends when Paris Hilton walked in and made a beeline for Cristiano's table. I couldn't believe the way he treated her! He literally turned his back on her."

The FHM model said: "He explained to me that he likes curvy girls with tone and that he found Paris ‘gross'."

When asked if she ravaged him in his hotel room, Niki claimed: "Ravage? Lets just say I wasn't the aggressor."

And it appears that Niki Ghazian is not the only American conquest by Cristiano Ronaldo Another girl has reportedly told the website of her night (or nights) spent with Ronaldo. That site also has a whole bunch of photos of Ms. Ghazian.

The London press - not entirely happy over the prospects of Ronaldo wanting to play for Real Madrid - have been following the footballer across the globe. Reports surfaced last week that he had broken up with his super sexy girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo.

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