Niche Marketing for Online Casino Websites

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Starting a casino website sounds like a great idea but just how competitive is the industry? The answer unfortunately is it is far too competitive but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to get in. This brings us to the idea of niche marketing and how powerful of a concept it is. Niche marketing might not exactly be a new concept but you can almost always find niche markets if you look hard enough.

Niche Marketing Explained

Niche marketing is focusing on a single aspect of a wider market. When it comes to online casinos and online gambling, niche is certainly a way forward and not doing anything niche for your first website is considered a very risky move. The reason being is that you’ll be competing against websites that have been around for 10+ years and have very large marketing budgets and dedicated professionals working on the site every day! If you are a 1 person solopreneur then competing against larger sites that have 25 full timers means your chances of success are going to be slim.

A perfect example of niche marketing in online casino space is as follows:

1.     Books which are good examples of niche gambling site where not many have focused specifically on casinos. There are even sites created dedicated to specific topics within books like blackjack books. Books are such a niche topic that you could create a site dedicated to the topic. There are niche sites like

2.     Live Casinos: live dealer casinos are a popular topic. They are still challenging to break through as many websites have started off as smaller niche sites in this space and have grown to become serious websites. You can expect more competition here than a topic like books.

3.     Casino Bonuses. free spins casinos: This topic sounds very niche within online casinos but it’s one that is nearly exhausted. There could be hundreds of sites dedicated to casino bonuses and this is a topic that many thing is very profitable but most of these sites fail to get any real traction. A niche topic within casino bonuses could be the categories of games like blackjack bonuses or another example would be

4.     Online Casinos: This topic is so generic that it makes you wonder what a player truly wants if they were to blindly search for a phrase like ‘online casinos’. Usually players will search for specific phrases or ask questions so this is perhaps a bad place to start in growing a website. All of these keywords are in the most competitive parts of the industry that it would take years and millions of dollars to try to enter in the market which would not guarantee getting on the first page of Google.

where most people get it wrong. They want to be the top of the food chain and they chase the entire market when the smaller part of the market can be all yours. niche marketing pyramidThis is the

If you are looking for more examples of niche markets in online casinos here is another list to consider:

      Casino tournaments. slots freeroll tournaments: many sites don’t focus on tournaments at all but players love tournaments especially

      Casino complaints: this is a tougher topic to focus on but has less competition but be prepared to give players the help that they want.

      Languages: English markets are the most competitive and everyone thinks English is the most valuable market when that is far from true. If you speak any language other than English, you could have your local market all to yourself and that could lead to faster results and rankings.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate marketing is any type of marketing where you work with affiliate programs and get paid commissions based on sending traffic where most of the time commissions are paid out when sales are made. You can earn revenue share when you refer depositing players or CPA which is a one time payment for referring a depositing player. CPA payments can sometimes be around $200 for every depositing player you refer so imagine if you had a few referred players every day, then that would lead to some sweet income.

Go Niche or Go Home

within the first month and see your work payoff sooner than later rather than giving up. make your first saleMany new webmasters get discouraged when they launch a website and after 3 months haven’t made any money or have yet to drive real traffic to the site. This will always turn off any webmaster so it’s another reason to go niche because you should see efforts sooner than later. It is always more rewarding to

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