Negreanu Enforces Strict 'No Trolls' Policy on Twitter

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Poker pro Daniel Negreanu warned his followers and others who want to engage him on Twitter: 'No trolls and be nice or be blocked'. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

He tweeted the following Friday night:

Just a note to any potential trolls on my Twitter feed, there is close to a no tolerance policy being implemented that will have you blocked quickly. Be kind. Be respectful. I’m happy to engage in civil discussion/debate. Be an asshole, and it’s instablock

When asked why he doesn't follow his own advise when attacking supporters of US President Donald Trump, Negreanu shot back:

If someone can still be a Trump supporter after all we know about this vile man, then I hope to not have much of any common ground with those people.

Negreanu also went on a Twitter tantrum Friday night in regard to an angle-shotting scandal involving fellow pro Alex Torelli.

Still boggles my mind that somehow people have been tricked and convinced that Alec Torelli was shooting an angle trying to play a massive pot with ACE QUEEN.

Truly shameful to pin him as an angle shooter for that silliness. Absurd.

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com