Female Poker Pro Natalie Hof Ramos Claims "Almost Raped Working at EPT Monaco"

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Nagesh Rath
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In a shocking revelation made two weeks ago but only beginning to gain traction recently, poker pro Natalie Hof Ramos claims she was "almost raped working at EPT Monaco" and sexually harassed while pregnant at the World Series of Poker. 


A toxic environment has long been pointed to as the main reason more women don’t play, or don’t return to the live poker environment, writes Andrew Burnett of PokerTube.

This week, Ramos blasted fellow poker pro Doug Polk for his insensitive body shaming tweet.

She tweeted:

"Tell me more about how all women should look like so you find them beautiful! Also she is not obese and please don’t come with the BMI cause that’s long outdated. I feel so sorry for any woman who is triggered by the content of the initial tweet! Love your bodies."

Ramos also claims that poker pro Daniel Negreanu once gave her the dreaded elevator eyes.

“2008/09. It’s my 1st $10k! I sit down at Foxwoods & who is directly on my left? None other than @RealKidPoker. An orbit or two goes around before I realize he’s blatantly staring at me nonstop when he’s not in a hand. I turn to say something to him bc I was uncomfortable. He just says, “Yeah I’m staring,” & never stopped. My stint in this tourney was short lived as I didn’t know how to fold aces. The sting of busting the tournament was overshadowed by the relief I felt of not having someone directly next to me openly gape at me the entire time.”

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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