NFL Props for Non-Vaxed Players, COVID Forfeits

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C Costigan
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Week 1 is finally here, and there are some interesting prop bets on the board ahead of the 2021 regular season kickoff on Thursday.

SportsBetting.ag has created dozens of exotic props based around some of the league's trending storylines.

Who will be the first unvaccinated player to miss a game?

Will any team be forced to forfeit due to COVID-19?

Will we see Deshaun Watson in a uniform this season?

Last undefeated team?

Which state will Super Bowl LVI champ come from?


Those questions and many more are answered below in the form of odds.


Prop bet odds are subject to change and you can find the current numbers on this page: https://www.sportsbetting.ag/sportsbook/futures-and-props/nfl-regular-season


First player to miss a game due to COVID-19 protocol

Lamar Jackson +400

Cole Beasley +500

Kirk Cousins +575

Adam Thielen +600

DeAndre Hopkins +625

Joe Mixon +650

Josh Allen +675

Allen Robinson +700

Najee Harris +750

Christian McCaffrey +750

Carson Wentz +1200


Will a team forfeit a game to COVID?

Yes +1000

No -5000

(Odds imply a 9.1% probability a team will forfeit)


Will Deshaun Watson be active for a game this year?

Yes +150

No -200

(Odds imply a 40.0% probability Watson will be active)


How many players will be suspended during the regular season?

Over 4

Under 4


How many NFL players will be arrested during the regular season?

Over 5.5

Under 5.5


Which will be higher?

Los Angeles teams' total wins -120

New York teams' total losses -120


Which city's teams will have more combined regular season wins?

Los Angeles -5.5 wins

New York +5.5 wins


Super Bowl champion will come from which state?

Red State -130

Blue State -110


Super Bowl champion will come from which state?

Florida +300

California +475

Missouri +500

Maryland +1000

Ohio +1000

New York +1100

Wisconsin +1100

Texas +2200

Massachusetts +2500

Washington +2500

Pennsylvania +2800

Tennessee +2800

Indiana +3500

Louisiana +3500

Arizona +4000

Minnesota +4000

Colorado +5000

New Jersey +5000

Illinois +6600

Georgia +7500

Nevada +8000

North Carolina +8000

Michigan +15000


First team to lose

Buccaneers +110

Chiefs -150


First team to win

Lions +110

Texans -150


Last undefeated team

San Francisco 49ers                +600

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           +650

Baltimore Ravens                    +800

Buffalo Bills                             +800

Kansas City Chiefs                   +800

Green Bay Packers                  +1000

Los Angeles Rams                   +1400

Cleveland Browns                   +1600

Tennessee Titans                    +1600

Minnesota Vikings                  +2000

New England Patriots             +2000

New Orleans Saints                 +2000

Dallas Cowboys                       +2500

Miami Dolphins                      +2500

Seattle Seahawks                    +2500

Carolina Panthers                   +2800

Denver Broncos                      +2800

Pittsburgh Steelers                 +2800

Jacksonville Jaguars                +3300

Los Angeles Chargers              +3300

Washington Football Team    +3300

Arizona Cardinals                    +4000

Atlanta Falcons                       +4000

Chicago Bears                         +4000

Indianapolis Colts                   +5000

Cincinnati Bengals                  +6600

New York Giants                     +6600

Las Vegas Raiders                   +8000

New York Jets                         +8000

Philadelphia Eagles                 +8000

Detroit Lions                           +15000

Houston Texans                      +15000


Most wins for a team during regular season

Over/Under 14


Most losses for a team during regular season

Over/Under 14


Will any last place team from 2020 win its division?

Yes -150

No +110


Largest margin of victory in Week 1

Over/Under 34.5


How many underdogs will win outright in Week 1?

Over/Under 5.5


How many teams will score more than 40 points in Week 1?

Over/Under 2.5

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