NFL Betting Line Analysis: Home Team -3

Written by:
Mary Montgomery
Published on:
Jan/17/2021 looks at games that featured the home team a a primary -3 home favorite.  We look at the line moves around this number and the final results.

Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Green Bay Packers (January 17, 2021)

This Divisional round game presented a rare situation in which the line did not come off the -3 anywhere, that is until the final hours ahead of kickoff.  This one closed at -2.5 at a handful of sharp books including Heritage, BetOnline and Bookmaker.

Action on the 3 was balanced.  Moving to the 2.5 appeared to indicate an opinion on Tampa covering as the books attempted to get more lopsided action on the Saints last minute.

Spread Range: 3 / 2.5

Line Trend (Closing): Half point down off of 3.

Result: Tampa Bay wins by ten points - 30-20.

- Mary Montgomery,

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