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One way to find uncompromised reviews of a particular site such as MyBookie is to search the likes of Reddit or even various posting forums including SportsBookReview.

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Reddit provides a platform that is free of any ad partnership arrangements, and there is no shortage of subject matter there concerning MyBookie.ag.

MyBookie.ag is one of the newest, but fastest growing, online sportsbooks.  We recently had an opportunity to visit their office in Costa Rica and they left quite the impression.  In fact, it is one of the largest offices we have visited in our frequent travels here.  We should note that MyBookie shares office space with USRacing.com.

Reliance on Sports Handicappers for Business

MyBookie is well ranked in search, markets heavily in the Southeastern state radio market and enjoys a lucrative relationship with affiliates.

The company is known for forging relationships with sports handicappers, some of whom we know well.  As we previously reported on at Gambling911.com, quite a few of these cappers are dumping offshore sites in favor of the newly regulated US marketplace.  The Gold Sheet appears to be one such company, though for now they feature advertisements for offshore books.

These handicapping relationships haven't always ended well, as was illustrated by a highly public feud between Dave Portnoy of BarStool Sports and MyBookie.  The popular podcaster Pat McAfee reportedly stopped advertising with MyBookie as a result of the Portnoy feud.  He used to work for BarStool Sports.

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Cashing Out Bonuses

Portnoy's issues dealt a great deal with the ability to cash out.

Much of the cashout issues appear to involve bonus rollovers.

This Redditor offered his support for MyBookie.ag:

i've used them for a while now with a couple payouts, deposits, and bonuses and have never had a problem. Nothing to compare them to though. But damn there needs to be a support group for companies like MyBookie and Goodfella’s Pizza that make the mistake of going at portnoy (barstool president) on twitter lol

And another wrote:

I've cashed out a few times in bitcoin with no issues from MyBookie. Granted I NEVER used a deposit bonus due to the crazy rollover requirements. I've heard of people being absolutely screwed saying they need to bet over $6K with only a $250 bonus...And cash withdrawals are a problem.

We can't speak for the issue Portnoy had with MyBookie, but certainly the issues with understanding bonus payouts and rollovers at this book (and to be fair, a number of others), is well illustrated.

Obviously, books need to review their bonus options if they have any chance of competing with the regulated US market. 

One Redditor offered this:

I get that these books technically disclose the rollover rules, but the complexity and rollover requirements definitely are not clearly laid out at the time of deposit, and the fact that you cannot get a single dollar of your deposit out if you accept the deposit bonus is ludicrous. The most insane thing is how they treat $0 balanced accounts -- I've heard that if you deposit and accept a sign up bonus, then lose all of the initial deposit/bonus to get to a $0 balance, but then deposit more money WITHOUT A BONUS, your account still has a "rollover requirement" and you can't get your second deposit out until you clear the rollover on your first deposit. So basically if you make the mistake of accepting the broadly advertised sign up bonus, you need to just abandon the account and create a new one (and I'm sure if you do that, they'll do some ID verification BS and claim you were using multiple accounts and they can freeze them).

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MyBookie.ag Props

Then there was this exchange between Redditors that delve a bit into the prop offerings at MyBookie, good but with small limits.

From craft23:

MyBookie definitely is not a very good book. But all these people are coming forward saying MyBookie stole their money when in reality they are just stupid and don't understand rollover haha. Pres could go at a lot offshore books and I bet the response would be the same.

From MLSHomeBets:

Yeah, this is the accurate take. They aren't scamming anyone. Not my first choice for a book, but they have good props consistently.

The vast, and I mean vast, majority of these people complaining do not read the bonus/free play rules and then feel fucked over by books enforcing them when they try to withdraw. Yeah, it sucks, but it's the player's fault for not reading the terms.

The only time it's worth taking a deposit bonus is if you have a fully vetted plan to rollover that money.

From Benlikesfood2:

Their props have tiny limits and they will limit you even more once you start winning even just decent amount of the time.

Good luck getting through a 16 time rollover with $20 limits. Will take forever.

From jsinger33:

I used to use Mybookie because I liked the user interface and that deposits and everything were pretty easy. Cashing out was always a pain but that’s how it is with most sites. I left because they kept fucking up prop bets last year and taking them down when fake news was leaked and not returning bets when the news worked in their favor. However when the news did not work in their favor they gladly refunded bets. Which led to me going to 5Dimes who I still don’t love because cashing out is a bitch.

- Steve Cooper, Gambling911.com

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