Most of Daniel Negreanu's Followers Do Not Believe in God

Written by:
Nagesh Rath
Published on:

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu asked his more than 427,000 followers if they believed in God, and nearly 60% of the respondents said they did not.  Just shy of 5,500 of his followers - and presumably those who don't follow but occasionally check out his Twitter feed - voted in the 24 hour poll.

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And what about Negreanu himself?

He once wrote: "I became a believer in late 2003 due in large part to a book called “A Case for Christ” written by a former atheist by the name of Lee Strobel. He conducted interviews over a full year examining the the case for Christ, from the resurrection, to the validity of the Bible. After reading that book I felt convinced that there was enough evidence to suggest not only that Christ was a man who existed (few would debate that) but also that he was the son of God. Of course, there is a necessary leap of Faith and that is an obstacle that often keeps people from being able to believe in God."

- Nagesh Rath,