Monkey Knife Fight PGA Games - Tiger Wood Refunds

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Don Shapiro
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May/31/2019 has previously highlighted How to Play on Monkey Knife Fight, the exciting new hybrid fantasy sports product that inches ever so close to sports betting now that the US Supreme Court has ruled to allow this form of gambling.

Monkey Knife Fight mixes the best of legal sports gaming with the best of irreverent sports culture. Users compete against the House or with friends to win real money from an array of easy to play sports contests. Monkey Fight. Monkey Win.

Pick a game and place fun prop bets on it.  You will select a prop such as the OVER/UNDER on the total number of points a player scores.  Unlike with the offshore sportsbooks, more than one player must be selected (parlay).

With fantasy behemoths Draftkings and FanDuel having enjoyed massive success with golf (not to mention more people betting this sport than ever before now that Tiger Woods is back), Monkey Knife Fight is now pushing its PGA platform.

As an upcoming promo, they allow one to play any round (1,2 or 3 PGA contests).  With the Memorial Tournament, you can play any PGA contest during the first 3 rounds this weekend (May 30-June 1) and if Tiger Woods wins the tournament, every loss will get refunded.

Similar promos are anticipated for upcoming tournaments including the Majors.

Some of the game variations include Totals, More Birdie or Better, Less Total Strokes, and More Par or Better, just to name a few.

- Don Shapiro,

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