Mobile Sports Betting in Indiana Looks Less Likely

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Gilbert Horowitz
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The Indiana House voted 78-15 Monday in favor of a bill that includes limiting sports betting to casino establishments.  That legislation does not allow for mobile or online wagering.


The Senate will now vote on its bill that had previously allowed for online sports betting.  Some House members are in opposition to expansion outside the casinos.

The Senate has until the end of the month to iron out its bill.

Republican Rep. Allan Morrison of Brazil argued Monday that limiting sports betting to casinos will mean a big loss in tax revenue.

Bill sponsor Sen. Jon Ford also hopes to get mobile betting back in the bill in a conference committee expected to take place a few days after the Easter holiday weekend.

That comes down to the wire with the Indiana legislative session expected to end April 25, despite the official date of April 29.  An NRA gathering in Indianapolis is likely to cut this year's legislative session short by a few days.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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