The Mouth Rails on WSOP Over Vax Mandate: "Totally Unfair!"

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Nagesh Rath
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Tweeting his outrage over newly imposed vaccination mandates at this year's World Series of Poker, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow says "I just think it’s totally unfair to those who aren’t!"


Matusow, who is vaccinated and suffered through a bout of Covid last month, insisted that those vaccinated in attendance will still be able to contract the virus.

Gambling911.com found that the response to Matusow's tweet was mostly split down the middle.

The Matusow haters were in full force to be sure.

Richard Wagner tweeted:

"So you are rooting for people to get Covid and they deserve it because you feel they were trying to take away your freedom. When the judge locked you up n your real freedom was taken did you root his death too. Or the arresting officer. He took your freedom?"

Louis Alberto Garcia:

"I've always thought you're one of the most stupid players I've ever seen, but now you're endangering lives, #1 spot."

Hamsandwitch tweeted:

"Omg I didn't know you suck! You were my favorite. Now it'll have to be Scotty Nguyen."

Scott Johnson wrote:

"Freedoms taken away? It’s your choice to get vaccinated or not. So you want your freedom, but take away all freedoms of businesses and entertainment venues to protect their brand how they feel is best? Pandemic of selfishness got it.

James Boyd:

"I got the vaccine and I haven’t lost one of my freedoms . Stop being dramatic."

Jeff wrote:

"I’ll be so glad not to see you at WSOP driving around on that scooter loser."

Brian Powers:

"Your freedom to play a wsop event? What amendment is that exactly, mike?"

And this from Jophiss:

"Shit take. What kind of person wishes Covid on people. Let people do what they wanna do. You’re a poker player.. not a politician so stop trying to be that guy. No one likes you that much.. and after this tweet, I like you a hell of a lot less."

John Herstritt tweeted:

"My Mrs and I both got Covid. She was double vaccinated, I wasn’t yet. She had a headache for two days and then was fine. I had to go to hospital. But keep spewing your drivel, Mike."

Trickle Up Economy made reference to Mike's well publicized underlying health issues.

"Might be the reason you lived through it. Pretty obvious you aren't the healthiest person out there."

@chet1028 was more diplomatic in their response, albeit still taking a back handed shot at Matusow.

"It absolutely makes a difference. You can still get it if vaxxed it’s just much less likely, and you’ll have weaker symptoms if you get it. That’s the point of the vax. You’d think a poker player would understand odds. It’s like starting with AA, you can still lose."

Willie offered:

"Mike I live in Europe and and we have 90% of the adult population vaccinated and no ones freedom was taken and no one was forced to take it. We just want our lives back and we trust the infectious doctors and the science."

And this from Marshack:

"No one is taking away your freedom. It's simply a business looking out for their employees and patrons."

Pat had this to offer:

"Mike? When they get it, it'll be like a bad cold. The vaccinated, covid positive people aren't the one's sinking the ICU's where critically ill patients can no longer be guaranteed care. Talk to the nurses. They aren't making this stuff up ffs. We are tired!"

Full Metal Cracker was on Mike's side here:

"Once the vaccine regret takes hold and these losers start feeling the dose the rage will kick in. Worse still, the media is going to blame us clean, unaltered, critical thinking people for the sickness they literally had injected into their arm."

RedneckfromNH writes:

"The idiots that got the jab are the actual@carriers OF the Delta variant….. what do@you think the was in the shot??? Duh… the “Delta” variant….. wake up people."

And FSP tweeted:

"Mikey you instantly attract all the sheep. Vaccinated afraid of unvaccinated. Pretty comical. Most would rather shoot up every 3 months and keep eating cheeseburgers."

It remains to be seen if Matusow will still play in this year's World Series of Poker.  He has previously told Gambling911's own Thomas Somach he would not if they imposed a mask mandate, which the WSOP ultimately did.

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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