Long Time Supporter of Trump Poker Pro Mike Matusow Now 'He's an Idiot!'

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Ace King
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Forget Anne Coulter, one of Donald Trump's most ardent supporters appears to have turned his back on the U.S. President.


Poker pro Mike "The Mouth" Matusow tweeted out Saturday morning that "Trump is an idiot".

Matusow does, however, still support Trump's desire to build a wall along the U.S. and Mexican border.  The President refused to sign a bi-partisan bill that would have kept the Government open through February.  As of 12:01 am Saturday, the U.S. Government has effectively been shut down.

Matusow posted a video illustrating why the wall should be built, which includes the usual talking points.

While the vast majority of comments posted to the originally tweeted video from BoomBoomPow were positive, Matusow's retweet  of the video failed to mirror those responses.

Mr Ed tweeted in response to Matusow:

"It’s about Trump it’s always about Trump..Fear Mongering,where is Mexico’s Money? If I remember correctly he did promise Mexico would pay this bone head is dangerous he needs to go"

Moustacio FX tweeted:

"Fact: mosquitos are responsible for 90% of insect bites. Trump supporters/TPUSA: Let’s build a moat! Reasonable people: But most of them fly across, and building a moat would cost us billions of dollars. And they’ll probably breed in the moat. Trump voters: Build that Moat!!!"

Juan Tejad tweeted:

"I’m sorry Mike...and I freakin luv to read ur opinions & admire ur luv for our country, however, just because someone says its fact doesn’t make it fact! But in fairness let’s say it’s true...for the million time The Wall will not stop these facts! It’s a freaking waste!"

RaceFan999 tweeted:

“This isn't about border security or open borders. Its purely about Trump's 4th century solution being a non-solution. Invest in a better solution.”

But not everyone objects to Matusow's tweets, and this one is no exception.

Mark Napolitano tweeted:

"It took me and my family 15 years and a lot of hard earned money, time and effort to become American Citizens 5 years ago. I am proud to be an American and have never considered the “fairness issue” discussed in this video. It is a very reasonable argument IMO."

And Shemphain offered:

“Love you Mouth. You're awesome.”

On Friday, BetOnline posted odds on whether a GoFundMe account to build the wall would surpass a set amount.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com