Mike Matusow Meltdown: 'Anyone Who Roots Against Trump to Fail Should Leave the Country'

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Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow was on yet another Twitter tear Monday night.

The ardent supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted out:

He knew 2 get rid of all the unconstitutional regulations that were strangling all of American businesses which has-unleashed the greatest economy in US history & lowest unemployment rate ever in this country! Stop hating! And pull for his success. If he succeeds we all do!

Then he tweeted:

I hate how @POTUS acts. He acts like a child but actions speak louder then words. Period!!! Hate him all you want but respect what he's done positive for our country. Oh wait you all don't know what he's done cause fake news won't report it. Let's all love each other & MAGA!

And followed up with:

I promise I love everyone no matter race religion or gender. I also pull for @POTUS to succeed not fail. Anyone who hates Trump and wants to see him fail should leave country cause you are all rooting for America to fail!

Whether he's right or wrong, Matusow came across especially conflicted Monday night. 

It could soon be over (though we doubt it, and hope not).

Matusow said he's done offering his political views.

By the way my political rants are about over. I moved into new house and have no tv for 4 more days so im back reading dum shit on Twitter and bed ridden from pain that i have again in back! #stayingpositive

Feel better Mike.

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com